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Join The Movement: Meet The Inspiring Babes At The Front of the March

Join The Movement: Meet The Inspiring Babes At The Front of the March

by: Sub Cat

Meet the badass babes at the front of the modern sexual revolution. Our influencers are advocates for sex workers, champions of sex and body positivity, icons and allies of the LGBTQIA+ community and practitioners of radical self love. Watch their interviews, hear their words, and join the revolution, baby.

We asked our babes, "How does the SlutWalk change the conversation around sexual assault and awareness?"

Alok Vaid-Menon "I wasn't born in the wrong body, I was born in the wrong world." A person of infinite talents, Alok (they/them) is a gender non-conforming performance artist, poet, educator, and LGBTqIA+ rights activist. Raised Hindu in an Indian-American family in College Station, Texas, Alok attended Stanford University. In 2015 they co-created Dark Matter, a trans South Asian performance art duo with Janani Balasubramanian. They were featured in the 2016 documentary The Trans List and in 2017 they released FEMME IN PUBLIC, a book of poems that interrogates the gender binary and explores queer experience. Alok is the youngest recipient of the prestigious Live Works Performance Act Award. They have been featured on HBO, MTV, The Guardian, National Geographic, The New York Times, The New Yorker, and have presented their work at 350 venues in more than 40 countries. Find them on Instagram: @alokvmenon Watch their full interview


"Delete your ex's nudes - you no longer have consent to look at their naked body."

Kiara Delacroix, perhaps better known by her Instagram moniker @EatingBoys, is easily one of our favorite babes on Instagram. The bubble-gum blushed anime aesthetic of her online world is studded with sharp, witty, poetic captions, pop culture references, and dreamy self-portraits. Delacroix is a master at subverting her own image. She seamlessly reclaims control of both the viewer's gaze and her online persona. Through her imagery, EatingBoys commands space. The stories she weaves throughout her posts explore the body, feminism, slut-shaming, empowerment, and of course, the delicious ecstasy and agony of modern love. In an interview by Lena Dunham for Glamour Magazine, Delacroix remarks, "...if you really look at my Instagram, I never show much skin except for my cleavage - I've created this sexual character with zero nudity." Outside of her enigmatic Instagram persona, Kiara Delacroix remains largely anonymous. Find her on Instagram: @EatingBoys Watch her full interview


"You Ain’t Gang If You Can’t Make Me Nut"

Brittnee (aka BbyMutha) is the mother we wish we had (no offense, mom!). Probably the world's coolest rapper and full-time mom, she keeps it real juggling two sets of twins and managing an exploding international rap career. The Chattanooga artist has been hard at work on her debut album, Christine, touring the globe, and showing these hoes how it's really done. Her music is sharp, electrifying, infectious and bold. She raps about the hustle of motherhood, sex, frustrations about shitty dudes, and the black female experience. BbyMutha's moniker reclaims an insult once hurled at her by a woman whose boyfriend had been cheating on her with Brittnee. "It's not an insult to me," she tells The Fader in a March 2018 interview, "Some of us are babies' mothers. Not everyone is a wife, and not everyone aspires to be a wife." Find her on Instagram: @BbyMutha Watch her full interview

Erika Lust

"I have sexual agency and I seek my own pleasure. I think that makes me a smart woman."

Erika Lust is a female provocateur and prolific erotic film director at the forefront of indie adult cinema. Her work showcases the female gaze and creates ethical pornography that centers women. Born in 1977 in Sweden and currently based in Barcelona, Erika Lust studied political sciences, feminism and gender studies in school. Bored by chauvinistic, tacky, violent, and male-centered porn that saturates the market, Erika Lust took the adult industry by storm in 2004 with her indie short film, The Good Girl. Erika has since directed three multi-awarded erotic films: Five Hot Stories For Her, Life Love Lust , and Cabaret Desire. She has also directed the experimental documentary Barcelona Sex Project and has authored several books. Experience her innovative project XConfessions and watch her TEDx Talk to dive deeper into Erika Lust's world. Find her on Instagram: @ErikaLust Watch her full interview

Raquel Savage

"Hoes don’t exist, misogyny does."

Raquel Savage is a Board Certified Sex Coach, outspoken feminist, and champion of body and sex positivity. Through her work and her representation online, Raquel Savage challenges women to exist outside the limits the world has set up for her, "Not the housewife, not the whole, but the savage." Born into a family of social justice warriors - Raquel's grandfather was a Methodist minister who fought for ethnic minorities and gay rights. Her grandmother was an ASSSECT-certified sexuality educator. Now, Raquel is carrying on her family's legacy by championing liberation, sexual agency, education, and body autonomy. Raquel holds a master's degree in Counseling (Marriage and Family Therapy). She does Sex Coaching and Savage Sex Ed which encompasses interactive workshops on topics from fetishes, ethical non-monogamy, and the female orgasm. Raquel also runs a podcast called #TheSavageLife which educates with humor, accessibility and always love. Find her on Instagram: @raquelsavage

Aaliyah Ei

“A little bit of sugar is costing a lot of us our lives.”

Aaliyah Ei is a Xicana print and editorial model in Los Angeles and New York. Aaliyah has posed for American Apparel, Bentley Motors, Coach, Nastygal, Playboy, Nylon Mag, Refinery29 and dozens of others. More than just a pretty face, Aaliyah is an outspoken advocate for sex and body positivity, sex work, and self-love. Aaliyah is also a cannabis educator and activist: in their premiere zine Mama Marijuana, Aaliyah guides readers through Weed 101, racial disparity in marijuana arrests and womyn in weed. Find them on Instagram: @TheLittleBeast Watch their full interview