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Join the Movement | Meet Aaliyah Ei

Join the Movement | Meet Aaliyah Ei

by: SlutBox

“A little bit of sugar is costing a lot of us our lives.” - Aaliyah Ei

We asked Aaliyah Ei, “How does the SlutWalk change the conversation around sexual assault and awareness?

Aaliyah Ei is a Xicana print and editorial model in Los Angeles and New York. Aaliyah has posed for American Apparel, Bentley Motors, Coach, Nastygal, Playboy, Nylon Mag, Refinery29 and dozens of others. More than just a pretty face, Aaliyah is an outspoken advocate for sex and body positivity, sex work, and self-love. Aaliyah is also a cannabis educator and activist: in their premiere zine Mama Marijuana, Aaliyah guides readers through Weed 101, racial disparity in marijuana arrests and womyn in weed. Find them on Instagram: @TheLittleBeast Download Aaliyah Ei's SlutWalk Wallpaper here!

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