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Join the Movement | Meet BbyMutha

Join the Movement | Meet BbyMutha

by: SlutBox

“You Ain’t Gang If You Can’t Make Me Nut” - BbyMutha

We asked BByMutha, "How does the SlutWalk change the conversation around sexual assault and awareness?"

Pronouns: She/Her

About BByMutha

Brittnee (aka BbyMutha) is the mother we wish we had (no offense, mom!). Probably the world’s coolest rapper and full-time mom, she keeps it real juggling two sets of twins and managing an exploding international rap career. The Chattanooga artist has been hard at work on her debut album, Christine, touring the globe, and showing these hoes how it’s really done. Her music is sharp, electrifying, infectious and bold. She raps about the hustle of motherhood, sex, frustrations about shitty dudes, and the black female experience. BbyMutha’s moniker reclaims an insult once hurled at her by a woman whose boyfriend had been cheating on her with Brittnee. “It’s not an insult to me,” she tells The Fader in a March 2018 interview, “Some of us are babies’ mothers. Not everyone is a wife, and not everyone aspires to be a wife.” Find her on Instagram: @BbyMutha Download BbyMutha's SlutWalk Wallpaper here!

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