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Join The Movement | Meet EatingBoys

Join The Movement | Meet EatingBoys

by: SlutBox

“Delete your ex’s nudes – you no longer have consent to look at their naked body.” - EatingBoys

We asked EatingBoys, “How does the SlutWalk change the conversation around sexual assault and awareness?

Kiara Delacroix, perhaps better known by her Instagram moniker @EatingBoys, is easily one of our favorite babes on Instagram. The bubble-gum blushed anime aesthetic of her online world is studded with sharp, witty, poetic captions, pop culture references, and dreamy self-portraits. Delacroix is a master at subverting her own image. She seamlessly reclaims control of both the viewer’s gaze and her online persona. Through her imagery, EatingBoys commands space. The stories she weaves throughout her posts explore the body, feminism, slut-shaming, empowerment, and of course, the delicious ecstasy and agony of modern love. In an interview by Lena Dunham for Glamour Magazine, Delacroix remarks, “…if you really look at my Instagram, I never show much skin except for my cleavage – I’ve created this sexual character with zero nudity.” Outside of her enigmatic Instagram persona, Kiara Delacroix remains largely anonymous. Find her on Instagram: @EatingBoys Download EatingBoys' SlutWalk Wallpaper here!

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