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Join The Movement | Meet Raquel Savage

Join The Movement | Meet Raquel Savage

by: SlutBox

“Hoes don’t exist, misogyny does.” - Raquel Savage Raquel Savage is a Board Certified Sex Coach, outspoken feminist, and champion of body and sex positivity. Through her work and her representation online, Raquel Savage challenges women to exist outside the limits the world has set up for her, “Not the housewife, not the whole, but the savage.” Born into a family of social justice warriors – Raquel’s grandfather was a Methodist minister who fought for ethnic minorities and gay rights. Her grandmother was an ASSSECT-certified sexuality educator. Now, Raquel is carrying on her family’s legacy by championing liberation, sexual agency, education, and body autonomy. Raquel holds a master’s degree in Counseling (Marriage and Family Therapy). She does Sex Coaching and Savage Sex Ed which encompasses interactive workshops on topics from fetishes, ethical non-monogamy, and the female orgasm. Raquel also runs a podcast called #TheSavageLife which educates with humor, accessibility and always love. Find her on Instagram: @raquelsavage Download Raquel Savage's SlutWalk Wallpaper here


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