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5 Totally Inclusive Body-Positive Swimwear Labels

5 Totally Inclusive Body-Positive Swimwear Labels

by: Sub Cat

Swimwear shopping is a vulnerable space. This is even more true for those of us who don’t fit into the gender binary or who don’t fit into a sample size! For many of us - even champions of body positivity - putting on a swimsuit at the beach or the pool can have us feeling super exposed and self-conscious, if not downright dysphoric. A powerful step toward true body positivity is size diversity, representation and inclusivity! Here is the SlutBlog’s edit of swimwear labels that make folx of all sizes and shapes and gender expressions feel confident, sexy, and ready for summer.


Brooklyn-based label Nakimuli promotes self-love, size inclusivity and bangin’ style! The line ranges in size from S to 3X. Even better, the full size range is always represented in every brand campaign. Bold prints, bright colors and daring cuts make this line a no-brainer stand out (plus its a black-owned company!)

Fashion Nova Curve

Fashion Nova Curve is one of the cutest (and most affordable) labels for up-to-the-minute styles for the beach, the streets and anywhere in between. Whatever your style or size, chances are you can find something to love (at a dope price) at Fashion Nova.


Fewer fashion labels are more diverse, inclusive, and all-around badass than Chromat. The swimwear and athletic wear label is designed with strong women, femmes and nonbinary folx in mind. Chromat embraces bodies of all types. Season after season, models of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, ages, gender identities, and abilities stomp the Chromat runway at NYFW. Back in February, one Chromat model rocked her breast cancer mastectomy scars, and Chromat model another burned up the catwalk with her prosthetic leg on proud display.


OutPlay is “a company without a gender” making swimwear basics without any gender assignations in a range of sizes and areas of coverage. For tops, choose coverage options from long-sleeve rash guards to mid-drift cops. For bottoms choose from bikini styles to board shorts.


Tomboyx is a brand we already love for their inclusivity (and their super comfy skivvies). They offer a dope range of active ‘land to sea’ garments. These duds take you from swimming to hiking, yoga, or just lounging around outside (my personal preference).

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