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Boob Tape: RBL's Guide To A Perky Bra-Free LookBoob Tape: RBL's Guide To A Perky Bra-Free Look

Boob Tape: RBL's Guide To A Perky Bra-Free LookBoob Tape: RBL's Guide To A Perky Bra-Free Look

Sometimes you want to let loose and let it all hang out – but not too much, if you know what we mean. If there’s one thing we learned in lockdown, it’s that underwire bras are not all they’re cracked up to be. More and more of us are ditching uncomfortable and restrictive bras and freein’ the girls, opting for a more casual or relaxed style.

However, whether you’re a proud member of the itty bitty titty committee or you love your bodacious set of tatas, going bra-free can sometimes be tricky, particularly if you don’t want others to notice. This is also true when you’re rocking a tube top or halter dress and need boob support but don’t want to commit the fashion crime of visible bra straps (shudder).

So is there an alternative to wearing a bra? We’re here with an awesome solution: boob tape. Here’s our guide to what it is, how to use boob tape, and a few other clever ways to control the melons.

What is boob tape, exactly?

Boob tape is an adhesive tape (or rather, a fabric) with sticky adhesive on one side. (You might also see it labeled as “fashion tape” or “body tape”.) It generally comes in a roll, so you can cut sections to suit your needs. It comes in a range of nude shades so you can match it to your skin tone. You can use it to lift up your breasts, as a bra would, or to create additional cleavage for sexy looks where you can’t wear a push-up bra.

Basically, you use the tape to pull up and support your breasts and hold them in a fixed position. You can use both boob tape and nipple covers together, if it helps. You can also find boob tape known as “bunny cups”, due to two flaps at the top that look like ears. You place this over the nipple and pull upwards, then use the flaps to hold your breasts in place.

Although boob tape looks like normal duct tape that you’d find in your dad’s workroom, never use normal adhesive tape on your breasts! It will hurt like hell to remove and can potentially damage your skin.


Image by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels: Boob tape might be the fashion accessory you never knew you needed.


Does boob tape really work?

How can I look good without a bra? Believe it or not, boob tape is a surprisingly effective alternative! You can use multiple pieces of tape at a time, which is great for larger-chested babes. While it may not feel as comfortable as your favorite sports bra, it definitely does the trick.

How do you use boob tape?

Ensure you start with clean, dry skin – the tape won’t stick as well to damp or just-moisturized skin. Then work out in advance where you want to place the tape, based on the look you want to achieve.

For example, if you’re wearing a low-cut V-neck top, you can apply the tape at an angle from your shoulder diagonally down to your breast, creating support that won’t be seen when you’re dressed. Or, for a strapless dress, use several pieces of tape to create a bandeau, wrapping two pieces in a criss-cross to provide coverage across both breasts. One awesome thing about boob tape is how versatile it is – you can use it for just about any look!

Once you’ve worked out where to place it, slowly remove the adhesive and place it on your skin – it may take a few tries to get this right. If you have sensitive skin, apply a small piece as a test first to make sure it won’t provide irritation. Then, you can add as much tape as needed before getting dressed.

(While we’re on the subject of getting friendly with your boobs, consider this a reminder that you should be conducting regular breast self-exams!)

Okay, but what about getting it off?!

You want your boob tape to be super sticky so that it stays in place all day… but this also means it can be hella tough to remove sometimes. Once you’re done with it, you want to take things slow – don’t rip it off like a bandaid! Instead, hold your skin in place and slowly pull the tape downwards to remove it.

If it’s not coming off, try jumping in the shower with it on and lathering up, which will make it easier to peel off. You can also use a bit of coconut oil to loosen it. (No one ever said looking hot was easy.)


Image by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash: Bras – who needs ’em, honestly? Learn how to use boob tape and you won’t!


How to hide that you're not wearing a bra

If the idea of running around all day with tape stuck to your boobs doesn’t sound like a good time, that’s okay! There are plenty of other ways to hide that you aren’t wearing a bra.

One way to do this is with your clothing itself. Depending on your breast size and shape, wearing a tight-fitting tank top or shirt can keep your gals in place and pull them upwards, even if you’re braless. Another alternative is soft sports bras or crop tops, which will give you support without the pain caused by underwire or thin bra straps. You can also use scarves to cover your breasts if you’re braless or go for thick, heavier fabrics that will stop your nipples from showing through.

Speaking of nipples: nipple covers can be a great option. These are small, adhesive circles that you place over your nipples, stopping your headlights from shining through your clothes, so to speak. They don’t provide any lift or support, but they are really effective for hiding those high beams.

Or maybe you don’t want to hide ’em at all! Whether you use boob tape or strategically placed clothing, or you want to leave the gals out and free for the world to see, it’s your choice. Your breasts are yours to hide or flaunt however you like, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!


Featured image by Marx Alexei Illaconza on Pexels