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Couch Potato Chic: Our 6 Favorite Loungewear Brands To Luxe Out In During Lockdown

Couch Potato Chic: Our 6 Favorite Loungewear Brands To Luxe Out In During Lockdown

If there’s one thing we mastered during 2020, it’s lounging at home. Whether you went through lockdown, quarantine, or are just staying at home to stay safe, 2021 is sure to continue the trends of Zoom meetings, baking banana bread, and embracing the elastic waist.

Since we’re likely to be staying at home a bit longer, why not lean into the couch potato chic vibes and invest in some new luxe loungewear? There’s so much more to loungewear than your old college tee and sweatpants, so jazz it up!

Wondering “How can I make my loungewear look good?” Girl, it’s all about balance. Don’t pair baggy sweats with a baggy shirt, or you’ll end up looking like you’re drowning in cotton. Instead, go fitted or cropped for the top, or add a stylish tee. You can also stand out with accessories – cute kicks like sneakers, a fun backpack, or a matching scrunchie can add some spice to your sweats.

So who makes the best loungewear? While the market is completely bonkers at the moment with so many new companies popping up, we think the best loungewear brands have a special something about them – they’re ethical, female-owned, or are using recycled materials. If you’re in desperate need of some shopping inspo, here are some of the best loungewear brands for lockdown.


1. Lovello Elizabeth

If you’re looking to support a fantastic loungewear biz owned by a womxn of color, don’t miss Lovello Elizabeth, out of South Philly. Founded in 2014, this cool brand embraces sporty, minimalist chic. Their collection is perfect for lounging at home, running errands, or chilling with friends.

While they fall more into the luxe range than the affordable, Lovello Elizabeth pieces are high-quality and made from 100% cotton, so they’ll last for years to come – plus, it feels good to support a womxn-owned business. If your style is more urban and less sweatpants, you’re going to love the look of Lovello Elizabeth.


Image by sweetheartshi on Unsplash: Stay comfy and look good – it’s a win-win.


2. Entireworld

What do you wear when lounging at home? If you’re looking for a new brand that’s ethically minded, check out Entireworld. They’re a business with strict standards when it comes to sourcing sustainable fabrics, working with factories that don't exploit their workers, and using organic and recycled materials in their designs.

We love their classic, timeless designs in bright colors, sure to cheer you up on a rainy day at home. The brand sort of reminds us of American Apparel, but without all the Terry Richardson BS.


3. AVA & VIV

Where can I buy good loungewear on a budget? Don’t worry – we know money is tight for many awesome chicas out there at the moment, but you can still look stylin’ without breaking the bank.

For affordable loungewear, we love AVA & VIV, Target’s line of clothing designed for curvy babes. You can find comfy, stylish pajamas and loungewear in a huge range of soft cotton and other materials, sure to help you relax at home, even if you’re in lockdown.

Prices are super affordable, so stock up on the basics like cropped sweats, scoop-neck tees, and drawstring shorts. Target makes shopping online really easy, or you can arrange curbside pickup to collect your new clothes from the safety of your car.


4. Pangaia

Another ethical brand we’re loving at the moment is Pangaia. This clothing brand is on a mission to help the planet as much as they can, making clothing from recycled plastics, using natural botanic fabric dyes, and ensuring their supply chain meets industry standards when it comes to ethics.

The result is absolutely gorgeous sweats, tees, shorts, and pajamas that we’re absolutely drooling over. Yeah, their pieces are a splurge, but you’ll be able to wear them with confidence that every purchase is directly helping the planet, with Pangaia putting a huge emphasis on philanthropy.


5. Sijo

We love Sijo not just for their loungewear, but also for their bedding and sheets – because let’s face it: we’ve all enjoyed more than a few afternoons tucked into bed with Netflix and our cat.

Sijo stands out for their gorgeous, soft pastel loungewear, perfect for relaxing at home. They’ve also raised the bar when it comes to their use of sustainable materials. Their loungewear is made from either bamboo or eucalyptus Tencel, which are durable, environmentally friendly, and soft as heck.

They’re more affordable than you might think, making them a great option for loungewear at a mid-range price point. If you’re looking for an alternative to cotton or polyester, you might be surprised at how supple and soft bamboo can feel.


Image by Zach Vessels on Unsplash: The best loungewear brands are soft, warm, and sustainable.


6. Girlfriend Collective

Another brand we’re loving at the moment is Girlfriend Collective. This cool brand focuses on gender-neutral activewear and loungewear for beautiful bodies of all sizes – how awesome is that? We love their high-waisted joggers that look tailored and flattering on everyone, their wide range of colors, and their soft tops. You can also find underwear here.

The wellbeing of the planet is a priority to Girlfriend Collective as well, with almost all of their products containing a percentage of recycled materials, including old nylon, water bottles, and fishing nets. Prices are reasonable and they offer a loyalty program, so the more you spend, the more you can save over time.

There’s no doubt it’s been a tough year (or more) for us all, so we say it’s time to treat yo’self to some fab loungewear. Remember, if you’re in a Zoom meeting, your colleagues are only going to see your top half, so rock out in your most comfy sweats while you power through a big day. Or, simply chill out at home in your new comfy, stylish loungewear – you deserve it.


Featured image by Natasha Hall on Unsplash