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Who Run The World? Girls! 6 Female Politicians We're Obsessed With

Who Run The World? Girls! 6 Female Politicians We're Obsessed With

Beyonce said it best: girls really do run the world. Nothing makes us happier than seeing hard-working, motivated, and driven womxn leaders achieve great things for their country. But the truth is, it’s not easy for them. It sucks, but politics is very much still a man’s world.

So what are the main challenges for female leaders? Well, they’re often held to a higher standard than men, many don’t take them seriously, and they have to work twice as hard to get their foot in the door. However, no one has done it better than the amazing female politicians we’re featuring today.

Here are six female politicians that we’re obsessed with because of their talent, tenacity, and just general awesomeness.


1. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

When it comes to women in politics, there’s no one we’re loving more at the moment than AOC – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. This amazing trailblazer is killing it, becoming the youngest womxn ever to serve in the US Congress.

AOC came into power in 2019, representing the 14th congressional district of New York. Since then she’s gone straight to work, passionately advocating for causes that affect womxn and marginalized groups. She supports progressive topics, including renewable energy, immigration reform, universal healthcare, and LGBTQ+ equality.

Why do we need female leaders? It’s all about representation. We think AOC sums it up well: “I wake up every day, and I’m a Puerto Rican girl from the Bronx. Every single day.” We hope we see more inspiring, relatable, and courageous women in politics, just like her, as she works to effect change and motivates young girls to grow up and pursue a career in politics.


Image by Element5 Digital on Unsplash: How can you make a difference? You know it, girl – exercise your right to vote.


2. Jacinda Ardern

We love watching Jacinda Ardern in action. This decisive, whip-smart politician not only became New Zealand’s first female prime minister, but also one of the youngest world leaders, at age 37. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, she also gave birth while in office – you go gal! She’s a progressive leader with a focus on social inequality, poverty, fair housing policies, and extending welfare benefits for those who need them most.

Ardern has also handled her country’s COVID-19 crisis fantastically, taking swift action to put procedures in place to protect New Zealanders. Her calm, patient manner expertly led New Zealand through a tough time, with other world leaders looking to her as a shining example of how to handle the pandemic.


3. Sanna Marin

We wish all female politicians could be as cool as Sanna Marin. She’s currently Finland’s prime minister and the world’s youngest female state leader.

Raised by same-sex partners, equality has been important to Marin from a young age, something she took with her into office. Working to end the wage gap and supporting parental rights, she believes everyone has equal rights – something we are totally on board with.

Her office also pushes to end climate change and support renewable energy, so we look forward to seeing what Finland archives under her leadership.


4. Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris is sure to join the ranks of famous female leaders in American history like Susan B. Anthony and Eleanor Roosevelt. In 2021 she was sworn in as America’s first female vice-president, and also our first African American and first Asian American VP – what an achievement.

We love that Harris speaks her mind and works super hard. Previously a district attorney in San Francisco, then a senator for her state of California, she’s passionate about the issues that matter most to womxn, including healthcare reform, immigration, gun control, womxn’s rights, and climate change.

It also warms our heart to know that young girls are over the moon to see someone who looks like them in the public eye, as we still need more diversity in politics. While she might be vice president now, we know a badass womxn like Harris is sure to make it all the way to the top – sooner rather than later.


Image by Rom Matibag on Unsplash: Kamala Harris is an inspiration for young girls everywhere – we need more just like her.


5. Elizabeth Warren

Few womxn are more inspirational than politician, law professor, and progressive senator Elizabeth Warren. She ran for the Democratic ticket in 2020, with a passion for economics, consumer rights, environmental protection, and universal healthcare and childcare.

The Boston Globe once named her the Bostonian of the Year, and she’s considered one of the country’s top progressive advocates. We love that she’s an awesome role model, proving to womxn everywhere that you can make a difference to society by standing up for what you believe in and having strong convictions – even in the face of criticism.


6. Julia Gillard

Womxn in power often have to deal with all sorts of shit – whether from men, opposition, or critics. The bar is always set higher for womxn, and no one knows this better than Julia Gillard, who served as Australia’s prime minister from 2010 to 2013 – making her the first womxn to hold the position.

While in power, Gillard pushed for civil liberties, womxn’s rights, and same-sex marriage. She also famously delivered what’s known as “the misogyny speech” in Parliament, firmly standing up for womxn’s rights and stomping down sexism. As she once said, “All my life I've believed that men and women have equal capacities and talents... Consequently there should be equality in life's chances.” Damn straight, Ms Gillard.


Seriously, keep an eye on these unbelievable womxn – they’re shattering the glass ceiling and achieving things others never thought possible. Oh, and they’re working day and night to make the world a better place for womxn, families, and people of color, so yeah, you could say we’re a bit obsessed with these awesome womxn leaders.

If they’ve inspired you, there are plenty of ways you can get involved on a local scale. From volunteering to help with a progressive political campaign, to standing for local election in your town, to lobbying your congresspeople for issues that matter to you, there are plenty of ways for RBL gals to help change the world.


Featured image by Lucia on Unsplash