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Fun Liner: What Is It And How To Rock It

Fun Liner: What Is It And How To Rock It

Want to mix up your look, but only for a night? If so, one of the best ways to have fun with your appearance is with makeup, of course! From sultry glam to subtle chic, you can be whoever you want with the help of the right lipstick or blush. One of the best makeup trends we’re digging at the moment is fun liner. Yep – as the name suggests, it’s like eyeliner, but more fun!

Most of us assume that black is the go-to color for eyeliner and you’ve probably used it to create the classic wing tip look, but eyeliner can actually be so much more than that. So what is fun liner? Basically, it’s colored eyeliner that you can use to create all sorts of amazing looks, helping you express your personality through makeup. It’s quirky, out there, and so much more edgy than boring old black.

Here’s everything you need to know to try out this trend, including some fun eyeliner looks and tips to nail the style.

How do you do cool eyeliner without looking over the top?

We hear ya – rocking colored eyeliner can be intimidating. Here are a few tips to help you if you’re just starting out.

Less is more

Bold colors are so much fun to wear, but try sticking to the “less is more” mantra. You don’t need more than a swipe or two of red or yellow across your eye, for example, to make the look work.

Piling on multiple colors or applying the product thickly might be over the top and bordering on circus makeup, so start small. Also, make your fun liner the star of the show – go subtle with the rest of your makeup so that your eyes really stand out.


Image by Clement Percheron on Pexels: We love the artistic freedom of using colorful eyeliner!


Pick a complementary color

Since fun liner comes in just about every color, how do you know which one to try out? While you can try any hue your heart desires, one top tip is to pick a share that looks great with your eye color and skin.

Opposites attract, so gorgeous brown-eyed babes might rock a blue or gold shade. If you love your baby blues, avoid a color like lavender, as it’s too similar to your eye color – orange or gold would look amazing, though!

Blending is totally allowed

We tend to think of eyeliner as being applied in a defined, straight line, but it absolutely doesn't need to be done that way. One cool thing about colored eyeliner is that you can gently blend it into your eyeshadow, using a thin makeup brush. Or you can blend multiple shades, like red and yellow, to create a two-tone look straight off the runway – vogue, baby.

What are some fun & easy graphic liner looks?

With fun liner, the only limit is your own creativity! However, if you’re starting out, here are a few ideas.

First, know that you can use colored eyeliner just as you would black eyeliner: with a thin strip that runs along the top of your lash line. This is an easy way to start out, especially if you go for darker colors like plum or navy.

Creative winged eyeliner is also fun with a bold color. Extending the color past the edge of your eye and flicking it upwards gives you a dramatic, colorful cat’s eye look. Some babes even do a double winged-tip look by using the eyeliner to create two upward flicks, one from the top lash line and one from the bottom.

Another awesome trick you can try is using fun liner on both the top and bottom lash line. If this is done in a light color, like white or pale pink, it can make your eyes appear larger, giving you a sexy, doe-eyed look. Or, with a dark color, you can glam it up for a smokey, evening style.

With any of the above looks, you can blend colors and styles as well, or even try a darker shade on your top lash line and a lighter one on the bottom.

Do I have enough confidence to rock colored eyeliner?

Um, of course you do! You can wear whatever you like and look damn good. While fun liner might not be your first choice if you’re in a conservative workplace, try it out when you’re heading out for drinks or getting ready for date night. With some trial and error, you’re sure to find a look that you can rock with confidence.


Image by Monstera on Pexels: What is fun liner and why should you try it? Hint: it's all there in the name!


Which colorful eyeliners are best to try out?

It feels like there are seriously more makeup brands than ever before! This makes it hard to know what to buy, but here are a few colored eyeliners we love.

(One more top tip – because it can be a bit tricky to apply colored eyeliner evenly, most newbies will be better off with a pencil or chunky, crayon stick rather than liquid eyeliner, which is not at all forgiving.)

1. Fenty Beauty

We love the inclusivity of Fenty and they definitely don’t disappoint when it comes to fun liner. This brand has a range of gorgeous colors that look perfect on any skin tone.

2. Kulfi Beauty

Kulfi is a South Asian-owned makeup brand that’s relatively new on the scene. They offer smudge-proof eyeliner in great shades like plum and glittery blues. Users say Kulfi eyeliners glide on effortlessly, so they might be a good choice for a beginner.

3. Colourpop BFF

This cruelty-free (and almost 100% vegan) brand makes super cute eyeliner pens that remind us of art class. They offer bold shades and application couldn’t be easier.

If you’re ready to let your eyes do the talking, try out fun liner this weekend – we can’t wait to see the vibrant looks you come up with!


Featured image by Dids on Pexels