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Beautiful Bodies: A Guide To Different Body Shapes & Their Most Flattering Styles

Beautiful Bodies: A Guide To Different Body Shapes & Their Most Flattering Styles

You’re getting ready for a night out, you open the closest, and you find you have literally nothing to wear. Damn. Don’t worry girl, we’ve all been there! We often feel like we’re just unhappy with all our clothes, but we’ll let you in on a secret: the key to loving your clothes is to shop for your body shape.

But wait – what body shape am I? And what styles look good on my body type? Good questions. Many awesome babes out there don’t know what clothes look best on their beautiful bodies. Body types can be categorized into a few common shapes, and by knowing what shape you most resemble, you can shop for clothes to flatter your assets and help you look your best. However, not every body type fits neatly into a box, so always remember that your bangin’ bod is absolutely perfect as it is!

So what are the different body shapes? Below we’ll look at some of the most commonly referenced body types, but if you’re not sure which you fit into, you can try taking a full-body selfie, noting your proportions and body ratios. Here’s our guide to different body shapes and what styles look best for each body.



If you’re a curvy babe with an hourglass shape, you probably have wider hips and bust with a more defined waist. Hourglass isn’t so much about weight as it is your genetic shape, so you can consider yourself an hourglass whether you’re a size 6 or 16.

You want to highlight your gorgeous hourglass curves, so look for outfits that are fitted in the waist, like a wrap dress. Or look awesome in jeans or pants paired with a V-neck or boat-neck top, as this will draw attention to your beautiful bust. This body type also looks awesome in A-line dresses, a smart blazer, or a fitted trench coat.

However, hourglass babes might want to avoid looks with extra fabric around the waist, like ruffled dresses, as these looks tend to distort your bod a little.


Image by BBH Singapore on Unsplash: Shopping is easy once you find out what looks best on your killer bod!



A pear body type is a beautiful vibe. Pear gals tend to have a triangular shape, with their hips and waist slightly wider than their shoulders.

Some pear gals don’t love their wider hips, so if that’s you, try wearing black or dark colors on your lower half, as this can minimize. However, you can play up your top half with bright colors, showing off your beautiful arms and shoulders.

Tunic tops or long sweaters can also hide areas you don’t love. That being said, if you’re crazy about your lower half, wear whatever you damn please and rock it! Some looks that perfectly suit pears include clean lines, tailored pants with a bit of flare, and tops that showcase your stunning shoulders.


Inverted Triangle

The inverted triangle could be considered the opposite of the pear; this body type is characterized by a wide upper body and shoulders but a more narrow waist and hips.

Sometimes, this body type loves to soften their upper body with soft, draping fabrics, avoiding patterns or scarves. On the bottom half, look for styles that will balance out with your top half, such as baggy jeans, harem pants, or wide-leg trousers. Flared skirts will work well for this too.

That said, it takes time to figure out what looks work best for you and it all depends on your personal preferences, so don’t feel like you need to dress a certain way!



If you’re naturally lean or mad for sports, you might have more of an athletic body type. Strong, broad-shouldered, or muscly womxn are all athletic body types, so check out styles that showcase your back and arms like halter tops, strapless looks, or fitted sweaters.

Jumpsuits, fitted dresses, and bootcut jeans look great on athletic babes too. However, the world is your oyster, so if these looks don’t work for you, no prob!



If you’re an apple, you’re probably rocking a larger bust, or you find that your body tends to hold weight around the midsection. Bodacious apple chicks might want to highlight their best assets, which are usually the bust and legs.

Straight, clean lines look beautiful on apples too. Look for hemlines that show off your killer legs, structured dresses, and classy V-necklines. If you’re not mad about your midsection, wearing dark colors can provide a confidence boost.


Image by Alexander Kovacs on Unsplash: What styles look good on my body type? We say hit the mall and wear whatever you love!



If you’re curvy and loving it, you want to dress to showcase your voluptuous hips, legs, and torso. A great way to do this is with wrap dresses, dark skinny jeans, or a belted jacket or sweater.

Loose, baggy knits aren’t going to do you any favors, as these styles simply cover you up but don’t flatter your curves. We also love that designers have finally become clued in to the fact that limited size ranges aren’t covering it anymore – it’s becoming easier than ever to find all the latest trends and styles in a size to fit everyone.


If you’ve been wondering “How do you style different body types?”, we hope this guide to different body shapes had helped! No matter what body you’re rocking, you can step out looking your best, with the confidence that you’re showcasing your best features.

It’s worth mentioning that this isn’t always easy, especially if you’re not crazy about your shape. Learning to love your body can take some time, so if you feel frustrated when shopping sometimes, it’s okay – that’s totally normal. Over time, you’ll learn what works best for your shape, making shopping for any occasion easier. Always remember that your amazing body is completely perfect and if the above fashion guidelines don’t work for you, forget ’em – you do you and wear whatever you love!


Featured image by Clarke Sanders on Unsplash