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Erogenous Zones Or Glorified Drink Holders? RBL's Guide To Nipple Play

Erogenous Zones Or Glorified Drink Holders? RBL's Guide To Nipple Play

Let’s talk nipples.

When you think of sex and orgasms, nipples probably aren’t the first part of the body that comes to mind. But if you’re looking to take your bedroom fun to the next level, you seriously need to try nipple play.

What is nipple play, you ask? We’re here to tell you, girl. Put simply, nipple play is when you stimulate the nipple for sexual pleasure. Nipples have hundreds of nerve endings, making them extremely sensitive and receptive to pleasure. Some people are even capable of having breast orgasms!

Sex really doesn’t need to be all about the clit – there’s plenty of pleasure to be had above the belt as well. Whether yours are round, tiny, inverted, or pointy, we all have gorgeous nipples that are just made to be sucked, touched, kissed, and caressed, either by yourself or a partner. Here’s our guide to nipple play – free the tatas, let it all hang out, and get ready to have your mind blown.

How to have a nipple orgasm

Is it really possible to have an orgasm from nipple stimulation? For some awesome gals (and guys), the answer is abso-f*cking-lutely.

Everyone’s body responds differently to touch. Spend some time exploring your own bod and seeing how your nipples react. If you want to go for a nipple orgasm, try setting the mood – put on something damn sexy (like that bra that makes your boobs look seriously amazing), light some candles, and get comfortable.

Then, start touching yourself, cupping your breasts and gently massaging or rubbing them. Tease your way towards the nipple, then try rubbing, gently squeezing, or even caressing them with a bit of lube. You can even use one hand on your nipple while the other hand explores down your tummy and towards your clit, just doing whatever feels amazing! Take it slow, relax, and try new things – it might just lead to a whole new type of orgasm you never thought possible.

Even if breast play isn’t enough to get you over the edge, it can still be incredibly arousing as part of foreplay or during sex. You can incorporate nipple play into your self-love or sex routine (or both!), as it doesn’t necessarily need to be a standalone thing.


Image by Victoria Strukovskaya on Unsplash: Nipple stimulation is all about doing what feels good.


Tips for nipple stimulation

Want to try out nipple play? If so, you’re going to love it – but we know it might be a bit awkward when you’re just starting out.


To give you some sexy inspiration, here are a few fun ways you can bring nipple play into the bedroom.

1. Use your hands, baby

One of the easiest ways to start off with nipple play is simply with your hand (or someone else’s!). Use your hand and fingers to cup your breasts, feeling them, teasing them, or basically just doing whatever turns you on. Give the nipples plenty of love, seeing how they respond to your touch.

2. Your partner’s tongue just might put you over the edge

First, we gotta say that nipple play can be one awesome way to take the train to pleasure town – no partner required! However, if you do have a partner and want to try out nipple play with them, the feeling of their tongue on your nipples can send shivers down your spine.

Why not take turns licking, sucking, or even gently biting on one another’s nipples? It can be crazy erotic, with many people finding the oral stimulation on their nips can take them from zero to 100 – real fast.

3. Sex toys aren’t just for down below

We all have a favorite vibe that hits just the right spot, but have you thought about trying out a sex toy on your boobs? You can use your vibrator to stimulate your breasts and nipples, which just might produce an erotic sensation that you’ve never felt before.

As we mentioned, nipples are a pretty sensitive part of the body, so you’ll probably want to start with a low vibration speed. Then, if it gets you going, take it up a notch and go wild.

4. It’s getting hot in here – temperature play for the win

Ice, ice baby… Sometimes a super erotic way to try out nipple play is with temperature. Try taking some ice cubes and softly running them across your nipples – the cold might make them go erect right away, which, for some people, can be a massive turn-on.

If heat gets you going, some badass babes love a little bit of erotic fun with warm candle wax – just be super careful not to burn any sensitive bits (or pillowcases).


Image by We-Vibe WOW Tech on Unsplash: This guide to nipple play can help you seriously ramp up your sex life – are you ready?


5. Get kinky

If you’re really loving nipple play and wanting to take it up a notch, there are plenty of toys and accessories out there that can bring out wicked new sensations.

Browse your favorite sex shop and see what’s available – there are actually tons of toys that can be used for breast play, like nipple clamps, nipple sucking toys, stimulating gel and massage oils, or vibes that mimic the feeling of a tongue (sounds good, right?).

Once you start exploring the world of nipple play, you might just discover a whole new approach that can bring about a new kind of orgasm. That being said, if nipple play doesn’t get you going, that’s okay too! It’s not for everyone, and if you find it doesn’t do much for you, there are lots of other sexy ways to get your rocks off.

Here at RBL, we think all the awesome babes of the world should be enjoying those blissful, oh-my-god orgasms, so try out nipple play – it just might be the thing you need to take your sex life to a whole new place.


Featured image by Annie Spratt on Unsplash