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9 Makeup Brands We're Currently Obsessed With

9 Makeup Brands We're Currently Obsessed With

We’re all about the creativity that makeup can bring into our lives. Makeup is amazing for everyone to have fun with, regardless of gender, age, or race, as it lets us do everything from highlighting our fave features to completely transforming our look.

However, one thing that is absolutely not okay about makeup is big corporations behaving badly. We’ve seen large companies like L’Oreal accused of racism and tokenism, and many other brands are guilty of testing products on animals, using unsafe chemicals in their products, or only using a certain race and look to promote their products.

With all of that goin’ on, how can you know which makeup brands are ethical and worthy of your support? Don’t worry – we got you. Below is a roundup of some of the best makeup brands to support, whether you’re getting ready for a night on the town or you just want to look amazing at home in your loungewear. These companies all have something special going for them, whether you’re looking for Black-owned brands, vegan-friendly lipstick, or sustainable ingredients.

1. Axiology

What is the best quality makeup brand? We think it’s those that are ethical, making high-quality products that aren't hurting anyone or anything. Axiology bills itself as “evil-free”, with no use of animal testing or palm oil – that’s what we like to see in a makeup brand.

Check out this awesome brand for natural lipsticks; they’re all about chunky lip crayons that are easy to use, in shades that will suit everyone.


Image by Laura Chouette on Unsplash: Which makeup brands are ethical? Make sure you know before you shop.


2. River Organics

Another top choice for a sustainable makeup brand is River Organics, with products made from plant oils and packaged in recycled, eco-friendly materials that won’t hurt our beautiful planet.

They have a full line of awesome products that can help RBL babes look their best, including concealers, blush, and bronzers.

3. Fenty Beauty

“Okay, but what are some Black-owned makeup brands?” we hear you ask. There are lots of Black womxn smashing it in the cosmetics industry, but one of the most famous Black-owned makeup lines is Fenty Beauty, founded by Rihanna.

This brand has attracted worldwide attention for its focus on inclusivity, designing makeup in tones and shades that will suit every skin tone. They’ve expanded their line to over 50 foundation shades, helping makeup lovers everywhere find the right color for their beautiful skin.

4. Juvia’s Place

Another Black-owned makeup brand we’re loving is Juvia’s Place, headed up by CEO Chichi Eburu of Nigeria. The brand was founded to celebrate gorgeous African womxn with high-quality makeup, and we seriously can’t get enough of their eyeshadow palettes.

Even better, Juvia’s Place strives to make makeup affordable, with the aim of creating products you can use daily, not overpriced luxuries that are out of reach.

5. Live Tinted

South-Asian beauty entrepreneur Deepica Mutyala is the founder of Live Tinted, a multicultural beauty brand that’s rapidly becoming popular with fashion-forward babes everywhere. They created a digital community to support inclusivity and diverse beauty, but they also asked their community what they wanted in makeup products.

Many said hyperpigmentation was an issue, so Live Tinted created a special concealer stick, the Huestick, to balance discoloration. How cool is it to see makeup brands asking their audience what they need and then actually creating it for them?

6. Fyrinnae

Love playing around with eyeshadows and creating dramatic, fun new looks? If so, add Fyrinnae to your radar. They create makeup and eyeshadows in gorgeous tones that flatter every skin type and are designed to last all day without fading or rubbing off.

We love all the metallic and jewel hues this brand has designed. Oh, and they also produce eco-friendly glitter – how cool is that?

7. Bite Beauty

Can you find awesome makeup brands as a vegan? You sure can, thanks to brands like Bite Beauty – and we admire your convictions in supporting vegan businesses! Bite Beauty is all about vegan makeup and beauty products, not using any animal-derived ingredients in their products.

We love their long-lasting, quality makeup, with many products containing natural ingredients. Check out their crayon sticks, lip balms, and lip masks, designed to help hydrate your skin and add a tint of gorgeous color.


Image by Eye for Ebony on Unsplash: Obsessed with finding the perfect lipstick? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.


8. Ah-Shí Beauty

Here’s an epic beauty brand that might not be on your radar, but should be – Ah-Shí Beauty. It’s one of the first Native-American owned cosmetics brands – the brand name translates to “This is my beauty” in the Navajo language.

They create foundations and products that match Indigenous skin tones, with gorgeous products that will last all day and are gentle on your skin. We’re also digging their cheek powders and blushes, created to highlight your best features.

9. Plant Makeup

We’re really vibing on Plant Makeup for their all-natural cosmetics, free from synthetic dyes and chemicals. Plant-based makeups are a newer thing, but they create beautiful, soft colors that look natural and fresh.

Your skin is a delicate part of your body, so treat it with love! Plant-based makeups and soaps are so much kinder for your gorgeous face, especially if you have sensitive skin. Plant Makeup’s haircare and skincare lines are worth checking out as well.

So, what are the most popular makeup brands? Here at RBL, we think the above cosmetics companies need our support, since they’re doing amazing things in the health and beauty space. Check them out if you’re looking to shake up your beauty routine with ethical, eco-friendly companies.

Oh, and if you prefer to stick with your current favs, that’s okay too! But one thing we recommend: don’t be afraid to speak out. If a makeup brand you love does something that doesn’t sit well with you, write them an email or call them out on social media – your voice matters!

The more consumers speak up about issues that matter to them, the more pressure will be on makeup brands to make changes and do the right thing. Use your power to stand up for what’s right!


Featured image by Damir Spanic on Unsplash