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Fallen Into The No O Gap? Here’s Our 6 Favorite Vibrators To Bridge The Divide

Fallen Into The No O Gap? Here’s Our 6 Favorite Vibrators To Bridge The Divide

We think the awesome womxn of the world deserve satisfaction in all aspects of their life – financially, in the workplace, and, of course, in the bedroom. However, one thing we notice time after time is that the pleasure of womxn doesn’t always equal that of men.

Welcome to the O-gap.

What is the O-gap, exactly? Well, we’re sure you’ve heard of the wage gap – the economic disparity between work being done by each gender, with men getting paid more than womxn for the same work. Basically, the O-gap is like the wage gap for the bedroom.

The big O, or orgasm, is something experienced more often by men during sex. One study showed that 95% of heterosexual men reported they almost always orgasmed during sex, but only 65% of heterosexual womxn said the same. There are plenty of reasons for this, but it often comes down to men not understanding the clitoris and how womxn work (thanks.), lack of arousal, or womxn not knowing exactly how to come.

We all want to have awesome sex, and we deserve for it to be just as good for us as it is for our partner. If you’re up for it, one way to bump up the O-factor is with sex toys. They don’t need to be scary or intimidating; there’s a huge range of options out there for just about every possible need.

If you’re ready to try them out, here’s our guide to vibrators, where we investigate some of the best vibes on the market – and discuss how you can bring up the topic with your other half.


So, about last night… How to talk to your partner about sex toys

It can be a tricky topic, but start by talking about the positives in your relationship – how much you absolutely love the wild times you have between the sheets with your partner. An honest, open conversation always works best with a bit of flattery.

Then, talk about how you’ve been really curious to try something new, as a way to enhance your already awesome sex life. You can discuss specifically why you’d like to try a vibrator and how you think it would be tons of fun for you both.

Your partner might worry that they’re being replaced or that they’re not good enough – no one wants to think they’re being outsourced to a machine. So highlight how it’s nothing to do with their performance (if that is indeed the case!), and try shopping for a vibrator together. Think of it as foreplay before the foreplay.


Image by Womanizer WOW Tech on Unsplash: The best vibrators of 2021 are sure to take your relationship to new heights.


What are the best vibrators to buy in 2021?

Once you start looking, you’ll realize the vibrator market is huge. However, not all vibes are created equal. Below we’ll be taking a look at some of the best vibrators to check out in 2021, based on quality, design, and value for money.

First, a quick note on price: you’ll note some of the vibes below are a bit expensive, so what’s up with that? Well, when it comes to sex toys, you tend to get what you pay for. Premium toys are rechargeable, longer lasting, and better made, so it’s worth buying something awesome that will last for years to come, instead of a cheapie throwaway.


1. Pom

We love the cute size and color of the Pom, an awesome vibe for newbies. It offers external stimulation and is super soft, easy to control, and powerful. With an ergonomic design, it fits comfortably against your body and is an amazing introduction to toys.

You can find it online for around $90.


2. Satisfyer Pro 2

We’re not one for cheap marketing gimmicks, but the Satisfyer truly lives up to its name. This handheld toy sits gently on top of your clit and uses suction and air to stimulate. It’s unique from other toys in that it doesn’t touch your clit directly, and it’s designed with the idea of replicating the feeling you’d get from oral.

With 11 settings, we recommend going easy – this bad boy is powerful! Find it online on for around $50.


3. We-Vibe Sync

Looking for a vibrator to use with your partner? The We-Vibe Sync offers dual stimulation, but it also comes with a remote control. Either partner can control the device remotely – a saucy way to set the mood.

It’s waterproof, soft, easy to use, and a hell of a lot of fun. Find it at for around $149.


4. Le Wand Rechargeable Vibrating Massager

Wand vibrators are truly awesome if you crave strong stimulation to take you over the edge. Le Wand is one of the best in that department: this handheld device offers 10 distinctive vibration speeds and 20 patterns – damn.

This is one of the most popular wand toys, and you can find it online for around $120.


Image by We-Vibe WOW Tech on Unsplash: Forget the rubber ducky – the best vibrators are waterproof.


5. Vibrating Anal Plug

Sex isn’t only about the clit, you know. If you’re looking for another type of stimulation, check out the Vibrating Anal Plug from Lovehoney. Made from soft silicone, this is an awesome toy for mind-blowing anal thanks to 20 different vibrating patterns.

You can purchase it online for around $45, but good news: it comes with a travel lock and bag (because you probably don’t want your roommate or kids accidentally stumbling across your sex toys).


6. Nova 2

Another awesome toy from We-Vibe, the Nova 2 is the perfect rabbit-style vibrator – meaning it can offer both external and internal pleasure at the same time. However, you can control both aspects separately, making it easier to hit that sweet spot.

We love the beautiful curves and soft pink color, but don’t be fooled: the Nova 2 packs a serious punch, with 13 levels of intensity. Oh, and it even works with the We-Connect app, letting your partner control the settings, even from across the country. Can there be a better way to spice up a long-distance relationship?

Look for it online, at around the $150 mark.


Womxn, start your engines! Close that O-gap and blow your own mind with these incredible vibrators – you may never want to leave home again.


Featured image by ducminh nguyen on Unsplash