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How To Marie Kondo Your Face: RBL's Guide To Skinimalism

How To Marie Kondo Your Face: RBL's Guide To Skinimalism

Remember a few years ago when everyone was obsessed with Marie Kondo? She’s a polite lifestyle guru who argues for getting rid of things in your life that don’t spark joy, and she inspired all of us to go through our closets and start clearing out.

Here’s something that will blow your mind: you can not only Marie Kondo your home, but also your face! That’s right – if a face full of makeup or a ten-step Korean skincare routine doesn’t spark joy, you can throw ’em to the curb and let your face be free, natural, and bare. We’re here to tell you about skinimalism.

So what is skinimalism? Well, as the name suggests, this new trend is all about minimalist makeup and skincare. Fans of skinimalism are all about simplicity, letting the beauty of your skin shine through by using natural, organic, good-for-you products.

That’s sounding pretty great, right? To give you the skinny on this trend, we’ve put together a complete guide to skinimalism below.

Why is skinimalism skincare trending in 2021?

Thinking back on the last year, you’ve probably spent a lot of time at home, rocking your best loungewear and going weeks without even thinking about makeup. While skincare has been trending towards natural, fresh-faced looks for years now, we think having to stay at home for so long has made the badass babes of the world realize that skincare and makeup don’t need to be tedious and complicated.


Image by Ron Lach on Pexels: Clean, healthy skin is the key tenet of skinimalism.


This sounds intriguing – what are the benefits of skinimalism?

There are so many great things about stripping down your skincare and beauty routine. Here are a few epic benefits of skinimalism…

Save time

Who has time for spending hours each day layering skincare products and applying makeup?! Busy babes who don’t want to waste time will love skinimalism. Since it’s all about using a small number of versatile products, you can be out the door in no time at all.

Easier on the wallet

Ugh – skincare and makeup can be seriously expensive. If you’re on a budget but still want to look your best, a skinimalist approach means you don’t need to purchase dozens of products.

Let your damn gorgeous self shine through!

The thing we love the most about minimalism is that it’s all about showcasing your natural beauty! Some womxn love a full face of glamour makeup, and that’s great – but it's not for everyone.

If you don’t want to hide your cute freckles, bright skin, or awesome birthmark behind makeup, go natural! Plus, skinimalism is great for healthier skin, since it’s all about pure and organic products that won’t cause clogged pores or dryness.

How can I take a skinimalist approach to my daily routine?

Skinimalism makeup and skincare are easy to add to your routine, since it’s all about using less. For skincare, you just need the basics – more on that below. For makeup, skinimalist fans tend to forego heavy foundations, primers, and thick eyeshadows and lipsticks. Instead, you can dust some light bronzer over your cheeks and maybe a sheer lip gloss – that’s all you need!

The idea is that skinimalism leads to healthier, clearer skin, so you don’t need to cake your face with makeup to hide imperfections.

Amazing skinimalism products to try

Your routine can be as simple as you want. You might want to not wear any makeup (awesome!) or you could be into light makeup that highlights your best features.

For some inspo, these products can help you start out…

1. Multipurpose cleanser

Every good minimalist needs a cleanser by their side! Clean skin is healthy skin, so most of us should be washing our face in the morning and evening – not only to remove makeup, but also to wash away sweat, dirt, and bacteria that can cause acne.

Look for a versatile skin cleanser that’s gentle, but still potent enough to remove all traces of makeup.

2. SPF

This one is non-negotiable – every RBL womxn should absolutely be wearing SPF daily. It lowers your skin cancer risk, protects you from premature aging, and keeps your skin safe from sunspots and wrinkles. There are plenty of super lightweight, whipped sunscreens available that don’t clog your skin and will provide sheer sun protection.


Image by Sora Shimazaki on Pexels: No need for dozens of beauty products – skinimalism is all about going back to basics.


3. Moisturizer

Another key skincare product is moisturizer. It’s essential for keeping your skin hydrated and preventing dry, patchy skin, and some moisturizers can reduce the appearance of blemishes over time. Aim to use it morning and evening.

You can also supplement your skincare products with DIY treatments, like a soothing homemade face mask. Because skinimalism believes in nourishing your skin with natural, organic products, making your own skincare treatments with foods like coconut oil, avocado, and yogurt is a great option.

4. Natural makeup

Most skinimalism advocates prefer to stay simple with their makeup and don’t wear full-coverage foundation. To stay true to the ethos of minimalism, try to shop for products that are vegan, not tested on animals, and free from any nasty chemicals or preservatives.

5. Face mist

Adding a hydrating face mist to your morning routine can give you (and your skin) a real boost. A face mist instantly hydrates your skin, giving you a dewy, soft glow. You can apply a mist to bare skin or over makeup – it won’t smudge or damage your look. They can be great for hot climates too, so toss a mist in your bag if you know you’re likely to feel tired and sweaty as the day goes on.

There you have it: skinimalism in a nutshell! It’s not for everyone, as there are plenty of ways to care for your skin and express your style, but some beauty fans will dig the ease and simplicity of skinimalism. Try it out – you might be amazed at how bright, clear, and glowing your skin can naturally look!


Featured image by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels