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Rosebud of the Month December 2018 | Maarquii

Rosebud of the Month December 2018 | Maarquii

by: Sub Cat

“He wanna lick me, slurp slurp on his mattress. He say, ‘Come here baby daddy need the practice.’ Sometimes, he don’t treat me good but I still ride his dick though. All up in my asshole, he curl all of these ten toes.”

My name is Marquise Lejuan Dickerson, but you can call me “MAARQUII.” I am a dancer, rapper, singer, song writer, and creative director. I identify as a non-binary trans femme, and my pronouns to the public/strangers are they/them.

Those were a few a bars from “Full Outfit” a track on my debut album “C.A.B.O. Writing this track specifically brought out a whole new side of me that I’d been reluctant to explore in the past. With every project, my hope is to center the experience of my community, and tell our stories the best way I know how with the growing platform I have. Before releasing C.A.B.O. I wanted to touch on Hyper Sexual themes in my music, but keeping it one-hunnit I was so scared. I got to a point where I was no longer in a space to deny a chance to speak to my freak heauxs and the freak heaux in me. I wrote Full Outfit and her equally freaky heaux ass sister “An Actual Problem” one night at a cruisy bear bar near my house, and in doing so I stepped into a new confidence and new understanding of myself and my sexuality as a femme person. Taking the time to explore my experience and to explore my inner-most thoughts that I would normally never say aloud much less on wax was so liberating. I spent the early years of my childhood growing up in Eldorado, Arkansas raised by a very (at the time) Pentecostal mama. We know all too well that the church teaches shame in sexuality, and shame in going against hetero norms. My challenge always is to break the curse of that indoctrinated shame and fear. My hope is that with my music and any creative endeavors I take on, is to remind myself and the QTPOC community that our experience in this world is valid. There is no shame in being a sexual being, there is no shame in exuding sexuality from every fiber of your being. No, no shame, but power, and real magic. That is the number one reason honest and open conversations around sexuality, and owing sexuality when it comes to QTPOC, is still often taboo. They want us to fear ourselves and our magic. I say, no more. Sexual empowerment to me looks like having complete autonomy over my body at any given moment. I can share my body how I please, with whom I please, when I please. The current structure of our society, this sense ownership and entitlement over the choices that others make with their soul vessel is currently crumbling and I’m so blessed to witness it in real time.

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IG: @MAARQUII Twitter: @THAMAARQUII Soundcloud: Listen to Maarquii’s debut album C.A.B.O. now available across all major music streaming platforms.

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