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Rosebud Of The Month June 2018 | Jennifer Eden

Rosebud Of The Month June 2018 | Jennifer Eden

by: SlutBox

Jennifer Eden has been labeled a slut since before she ever had sex and has made it her life’s work to reclaim the time she spent in a negative relationship with that word. She uses her platform as a poet, event curator, and cultural competency trainer to open people’s minds to the nuances of sex, sexuality, and gender. She focuses on LGBTQ+ issues, sex-positivity, body-positivity, and queering sex education.

This February, she launched SensualiTEASE. This 3-part event includes a boudoir photoshoot, a dance workshop, and a vendor marketplace with all sorts of goodies to get youright! SensualiTEASE invites people of all expressions, all genders, and all bodies to bask in their own brand of sensuality. Whether it’s in preparation for a night with someone special or in an act of radical self-love, SensualiTEASE gives folks a new outlook on what it means to sexy, sultry, seductive, and sensual. The exclusive, inaugural event had all attendees beautified, body rollin’, and basking in their own innate sensuality. Jennifer also recently launched a speaker series called The Vagina Dialogues at the GLCCB, Baltimore’s LGBTQ+ community center, where she serves as Program Manager. This event is open to people with vaginas, people who interact with vaginas, and people who would like to know more about acquiring one via genital reassignment surgery. She brings in panelists ranging from local leading gynecologists to adult film performers to talk about their experiences with vaginas and to answer questions from the audience. There are vagina-themed arts and crafts too. As a part of the DC-based collective The Haux Hive, founded by Brooke Jay, Jennifer creates safe and accessible spaces for the education and exploration of sexuality and sensuality. The Haux Hive’s monthly Taste.Touch.Feel events provide a multi-sensory experience that blurs the line between fantasy and reality. A burlesque and variety show, complete with BDSM demos by dungeon masters and stage kittens, sets the tone for an interactive adult playdate inside Washington, DC’s only alternative lifestyle club. In her personal life, Jennifer has made it her mission to encourage masculine of center (MOC) women to explore their bodies and their sexuality. Through her 10+ years of active sluthood, she’s learned that many MOC women are sexually repressed and don’t allow themselves to fully explore their desires for fear of being read as “too feminine.” Through inquisitive conversation and enthusiastic consent-based exploration, she allows her partners to fully immerse themselves in the experience of sex without fear of judgment. Jennifer is so proud to be the first ever Slut of the Month and can’t wait to share this honor with future sluts, hauxs, hussies, floozies, and badass bitches!

You can help support Jennifer and her projects by following her below:

IG: @_jennifereden , @glccb, @thehauxhive Website: GLCCB, The Haux Hive

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