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Rosebud of the Month October 2018 | Mimi GeeGee

Rosebud of the Month October 2018 | Mimi GeeGee

by: Sub Cat

Hey, I'm Mimi GeeGee. I'm a 27 year-old mother and model from England.

My background is Portuguese and Algerian, but I grew up in London. From a young age I’ve been interested in the media and creative expression and even went and studied further performing arts at school. I later took the confidence and professionalism techniques I had learned through acting and used them in the photoshoots and video shoots I was doing. I eventually joined a agency called Face4Music that became like a family to me and helped mold and teach me about the industry. They helped me get cast in well-known artists’ music videos, I then began to collaborate with creatives to put my own looks and visions together, as well as show my crazy ass personality, and eventually started getting attention on social media.Being a mother and a “video vixen” or model hasn't gotten me the most support or respect in the past, people often comment horrible things on my mothering or values as a woman. It’s part reason why I feel the #Slut movement is important, I personally think as women we go through more than we should. We get shamed or disrespected for trying to follow our dreams (until we actually make it of course, then everybody was a “supporter from the start”). We’re disrespected for raising young kings and queens on our own and shown hate for showing confidence. As women we need to be the first to support each other and take back our power. I respect Amber Rose very much for being apart of this movement and embracing the MILF she is!

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IG & Twitter: @mimi_geegee SnapChat: MimiGeeGee

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