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Editor's Pick | Steal Our Skincare Routine

Editor's Pick | Steal Our Skincare Routine

by: Sub Cat

A great skincare routine will keep your mug looking fresh. So what's a girl gotta do to get that skincare routine on lock. Lucky for you, we got the inside scoop. Keep reading to uncover our personal skincare routine!

The Cleanser

The base of any good skincare routine is a good cleanser. Honestly, it doesn’t get any better than the EMK Skin Care Aurora Cleanser ($35 - featured in June's Box). Luxurious and calming, it's a made with natural plant BIOPLACENTA proteins to deeply cleanse and soothe without stripping away natural oils. Natural amino-acid peptides help firm skin and increase suppleness, while hyaluronic acid locks in moisture and revitalizes the skin. Spearmint is naturally high in salicylic acid, which gently exfoliates and fights breakouts. Plus it's formulated without parabens, lanolin, and fragrance.

The Toner

Toner is the real MVP of your skincare routine. We've has long been fans of Facial Forensics Green Tea Toner ($22 - featured in September's Box) and after a few spritzes, you'll see why! Green Tea is naturally rich in antioxidants and helps soothe and protect the skin against free radical damage. Rosemary and peppermint rejuvenate, while antioxidant Vitamin C brightens the skin and boosts collagen production. This toner can be used as a hydrating spritz after you have cleansed your face or as a setting spray once you applied your makeup. Another fab pick? The Art Naturals Rose Hydrosol ($12.95) from the July's Box provides a boost of soothing hydration whenever you need it most. This floral hydrosol is made from the condensation collected from the steam produced during the process of essential oil extraction.

The Scrub

The secret to glowing, bright skin is exfoliation, baby! The My Minimo Skincare Glow Skin Brightening Facial Scrub ($12.95 - featured in October's Box) is one of our favorite picks for an all-natural brightening physical exfoliator. This exfoliating scrub combines pure cane sugar, raw manuka honey and organic antioxidant-rich tumeric. Infused with abyssinian and hemp seed oils as well as calming chamomile extract, this scrub is perfect for all skin types and it won't clog up your pores. We reccomend that you use this scrub a couple times a week, on your face, neck and décolleté to keep your skin glowin' year-round.

The Chemical Exfoliator

You don't think we spend all our skincare routine on our faces and forget that body-ody-ody, do you? The O.R.G. Mineral Body Peel ($34 - featured in October's Box) is a gentle chemical exfoliator that sprays on and rubs off, removing dirt, impurities and dead skin. To use this miracle peel, simply step in the shower, spray all over your bod, and let the spray soak in for a minute. Next, gently massage in circular motion and watch those dead skin cells slough away. Not gonna lie – it’s immensely satisfying! Best of all, the formula contains glycerin and soothing aloe vera to condition and soften the skin. Ideal for pre-tan prep or if you want to achieve a smoother shave. Or frankly, if you just want soft, touchable skin. Our team uses the O.R.G. Mineral Body Peel from head to toe to keep our skin lookin' right.

The Moisturizer

The secret to stayin' young forever is moisture, moisture and more moisture. I always keep a few heavy-duty moisturizers in my arsenal, but my favorite picks are the Better Skin Co. Mirakle Cream ($34 - featured in August's Box), Yu-Be Moisturizing Cream ($16 - featured in October's Box) and the cult favorite skin cream Egyptian Magic ($39 - featured in September's Box). The Better Skin Co. Mirakle Cream is rich in coconut oil, seabuckthorn, and shea butter to soothe and intensely hydrate. Yu-Be Moisturizing Cream has been a classic in Japan since 1957. This cream combines concentrated plant glycerin with vitamins B2 and E to smooth and hydrate even the driest skin. Even better, Yu-Be can be used on the face or body from cuticles to cracked heels to your face and lips. A little dab will go a long way and the tube will last you ages. If you're not a fan of the light camphor scent, opt for Yu-Be Skincare’s Advanced Formula Pure Hydration Cream with Chamomile Extract ($16 - also featured in October's Box). Last but not least, we've recently joined the ranks of countless celebs who swear by Egyptian Magic. This cult favorite skin cream features only 6 ingredients - olive oil, bees wax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, and bee propolis. This all-natural cream has no additives, preservatives, fragrances, chemicals or parabens and its certified cruelty free!

The Mask

We are certified face mask SLUTS! For a quick refresh, our team loves a Korean sheet mask. One of our faves is the JJ Young Mud Sheet Masks (the Rosehip Mud Sheet Mask is a favorite in particular). These masks ($5 - featured in the July Box) combines both bentonite and kaolin clays to remove impurities, clear the pores and control sebum production. Natural betaine leaves your skin supple, moisturized and clear without any irritation. Another fave mask is the Beecause Rose & Pink Clay Mask ($15 - featured in June's Box). This mask combines rhassoul and pink clays to clarify the skin, minimize the appearance of pores and absorb excess oil.

The Lips

Always wanted to know how to keep your lips soft and kissable? Amber's makeup artist keeps a pack of Kocostar Lip Masks on hand. These hydrogel lip patches ($38 - featured in October's Box) are infused with moisturizing hyaluronic acid and botanical extracts to detoxify, refresh and soothe the lips. These lip masks provide a heavy dose of moisture perfect for prepping lips for a matte lipstick look. Finish up with a hydrating lip balm like the CannaSmack Vegan Hemp Lip Balm ($3.99 - featured in August's Box).Infused with hemp oil, an array of vitamins (A, B, D, and E) and essential fatty acids, this balm soothes and hydrates the lips in an instant. Keep a stick or two in your bag for a quick kiss of moisture.

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