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Know Thyself: 5 Techniques For Toy-Free Female Masturbation

Know Thyself: 5 Techniques For Toy-Free Female Masturbation

Want to knock your own socks off? (I mean, don’t we all?) Well, here’s a little-known fact: you don’t need a vibrator or toy to get the job done! Most of us self-lovin’ babes may automatically associate female masturbation with sex toys, but it’s more than possible to have mind-blowing orgasms using just your own hand and mind.

Having an orgasm is one of the best things you can do for yourself – it’s relaxing, relieves stress, boosts your mood, and can even help you sleep better. (Where do I sign up?) However, many people aren’t aware of just how well they can achieve killer orgasms even without external help.

Vibe battery died at just the wrong time? Just in the mood and don’t happen to have a toy handy? Or, even better, willing to challenge yourself to learn more about your sensuality without the help of a vibe? If so, here are our top female masturbation tips when you’re flying solo – plus, why toy-free masturbation is such an awesome thing to try.

Why go at it on your own?

We know what you’re thinking – with so many amazing toys out there, why should I leave them in my bedside drawer and explore on my own?! Well, here are a few reasons why we just can’t get enough of going toy-free.

Giving your toys a break can improve your sex life

Using your vibrator over and over is perfectly safe (as long as you clean it between uses, of course). There’s no risk of physical harm from using them – but there could be a risk to your sex life if you become vibrator-dependent.

This is because the biggest sex organ is (drumroll please)… the mind. If your body and mind become used to orgasming in a certain way, you might find it harder to climax with a partner, which can be hella frustrating.

Since there are so many ways to have orgasms, don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can only come one particular way or with one particular type of toy. Sure, you can always use a toy with your partner too, but you don’t want to find yourself becoming dependent on a toy for bringing satisfaction.


Image by Huha Inc on Unsplash: Know thyself: try out masturbating without a vibrator.


Masturbating without a vibrator means you can enjoy bliss – anytime, anywhere

Learning how to give yourself an orgasm without a toy opens up a whole new sexual level – one that means you can come anywhere, anytime! The new, sexually empowered you can enjoy an orgasm no matter what or where – no toys needed.

Whether you’re out camping, stuck in a hotel alone on a work trip, or just feeling in the mood, it feels damn awesome to be able to do amazing things for yourself, like create your own orgasm!

You’ll really get to know your own body

One of the best reasons to go toy-free is that it’s one of the best ways to get to know your own body. Using your hands, sense of touch, and mind, you’ll really learn the fine details of how your body feels, what it responds to, and what really makes you sing. What could be better?!

Let’s heat things up: here’s how to masturbate without sex toys

Okay, so you’ve dimmed the lights, lit a few candles, and are thinking sexy thoughts. You’re ready to try it out… but what should you actually do?

Don’t worry – you really can’t get this one wrong. Just go with whatever makes you feel good! Nonetheless, below are a few techniques for toy-free female masturbation to help you get going. (You might find a bit of lube can be helpful too.)

1. Softly explore your bod

To get going, use your hands and fingers to gently feel your way around your body. Take time to caress your soft curves, your thighs, breasts, and any other erogenous zone. Show that beautiful body some love!

2. Get to know your clit

One awesome thing about toy-free pleasure is that it helps you get to know one of the most mysterious parts of your body – the clitoris. Many womxn are able to orgasm via clitoral stimulation, so spend some time getting to know this small but sensitive part of your body – it can be found right under the area where your inner labia come together.

Using your fingers, try touching your clit, then massaging, rubbing, or pressing down, figuring out what feels amazing for you.


Image by Alex Baldetti on Unsplash: Getting to know your body better can boost your confidence.


3. Focus on the experience, not the end result

A top tip: many gals focus straight on the orgasm, trying to get there as soon as possible. Why not try slowing down, enjoying the whole experience? If you put less pressure on yourself to climax, then it’s likely to happen more easily – and you’ll have a hell of a ride along the way.

4. Let your fingers do the talking

Trust us, your fingers can do amazing things! You can use them to create all sorts of pleasure – inside your vagina as you would a toy, or to stimulate your clit, labia and other parts of your body.

Everyone reacts differently and has their own interests, so experiment and figure out what feels good. Over time, you’ll learn more about what feels oh-my-god amazing – and what feels a bit ‘meh’.

5. Mix it up with different positions

Once you’re feeling yourself, literally and figuratively, keep in mind that your own touch might feel different depending on your position. For example, if you’ve been playing around in bed, why not try pleasuring yourself in the shower, bath, or even sitting on a chair with a mirror? Variety is the spice of (sex) life, so discover all the epic ways you can relax and unwind.

Hopefully, our guide will help you think outside the box when it comes to the big O. Sure, we’ve got plenty of love for our vibrators, but they don’t need to be a limitation when it comes to sexy times. Try out toy-free masturbation and see what you think!


Featured image by Oleg Ivanov on Unsplash