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The Best Nootropics for Social Anxiety

The Best Nootropics for Social Anxiety

What Are the Best Nootropics for Social Anxiety?

If you have ever battled anxiety, you realize what a crippling condition it can be. Sometimes it has no rhyme or reason to it either. While there are certain instances that can make anyone’s anxiety increase, such as making a speech or attending a job interview, there are those people that can feel anxious or nervous from even the littlest things. Walking into a crowded restaurant or going to a packed sporting event can cause fear and distress for those suffering from anxiety.

The best thing is to realize that you are not alone. There are even celebrities and other famous figures whose job it is to perform that experience horrible anxiety on a consistent basis. Elvis Presley, perhaps the most well-known person in the last 100 years, always had severe uneasiness before taking the stage for a concert. Marilyn Monroe, the legendary actress, would often put on her makeup and get dressed to the nines only to have her anxiety kick in so bad that she couldn’t even leave the house.

There are certain prescription medications that doctors will prescribe to their patients that state they have a problem with anxiety. Prozac, Zoloft, and Ativan are only a few of the popular ones. The problem with many of these prescription anxiety medications is the side effects. Sometimes the side effects are even worse than the anxiety itself. If you have ever tried these before, you might notice that they make you extremely sleepy. It can be like walking through a day after only have two hours of sleep the night before. They are designed to calm you down, but often it is done through sedation.

Why Nootropics for Anxiety?

Nootropics are often thought of as smart drugs or cognitive enhancers, but there are certain ones that also treat anxiety well. Nootropics are medications or supplements that not only enhance brain activity and increase cognitive skills, but can lower your overall anxiety. This sounds like a great combination since quite a few people complain that the prescription medications for anxiety actually slow down their cognitive abilities.

Which Nootropics Should I Try?

There are specific nootropics that you should seek out for treating anxiety. Many of these can be bought as supplements and all of these are over the counter. There is no costly prescription needed.


L-Theanine is an extremely popular nootropic that can increase concentration and severely reduce anxiety. A study that was published in the Biological Psychology stated that L-Theanine could produce anti-anxiety effects because it inhibits the cortical neuron excitation. To put it simply, it improves alpha brain waves which then makes the brain go into a more relaxed state.

Bacopa Monnieri

The Bacopa Monnieri herb has been used in India and surrounding countries for thousands of years. It is also now readily available across the globe for people interested in its effects. Not only is improved cognition associated with this nootropic, but it has also been shown to offer stress reduction. Many people love it because it reduces their anxiety without making them exhausted. It is considered a mood enhancer since it works with the brain chemicals dopamine and serotonin, neurotransmitters that regulate mood and behavior.

Kava Root

There are actual kava bars located throughout the world where people go to relax and drink a cup or two of kava. Kava root contains a stress battling compound called kavalactones. It can affect the nervous system and reduce anxiety, but it is said to improve concentration as well. In fact, when drinking it, it has a temporary numbing effect on your lips and tongue and makes your muscles relaxed. One study showed that it is 95 percent successful in treating anxiety.

Using a nootropic supplement to help your feelings of anxiety is an easy and simple thing to incorporate into your daily routine. It is a good idea to go with a quality supplement that won’t leave you second guessing if the product is going to work. Neuro Wire contains both L-Theanine and Bacopa Monnieri, plus it contains several other nootropics as well. With Neuro Wire, you will not have to guess on the dosage or the quality. Treating your anxiety without costly prescription medication with severe side effects should provide you peace of mind immediately.

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