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11 Super Simple Ways To Get Healthy (And Stay Healthy) In The New Year

11 Super Simple Ways To Get Healthy (And Stay Healthy) In The New Year

by: Sub Cat

The hoelidays are over, and the new year is here. Time to get serious about those resolutions! The top resolution on most of y'all's list? Get healthy. That means physically, sure, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. So read on for our list of 11 super easy ways to get healthier - and stay healthier - in the New Year!

1. Get Movin'

Before you exit out of this browser, hear us out! Everybody knows that any type of exercise is good for your body, reduces stress and releases endorphins. So don’t complicate it. Take your dog for a long walk. Run. Dance around your apartment. Do some leg lifts while you binge watch the new season of Stranger Things. Have more sex. Just sweat it out on the regular. I promise it'll make a difference.

2. Volunteer

Hashtag activism is fine, but nothing really puts things in perspective like helping someone else IRL. If you're feeling down, volunteering (or just doing something nice for someone in your life) will take you out of your head and force you to focus on someone else. Find a cause you're passionate about and go for it. Or just pick up a coffee for your fave coworker next week. It might just make their day.

3. Practice Real Self Care

Depression, anxiety, and the "mean reds" – bad days come in many shapes and forms. While self-soothing activities like throwing on a face mask and downing a bottle or rosé an feel pretty effective, practicing real self care means taking care of your mental health. If you're feeling overwhelmed, seek help. If you are feeling rough around the edges, take a mental health day. Do something that will comfort you and bring you real joy. Go for a cup of coffee alone. Play with your pets. Read a book. Enjoy a long bath and go ahead and slap on that face mask (we love the Beecause Rose and Pink Clay Mask from our June Amber Rose Box).

4. Get An Attitude Of Gratitude

Sometimes it takes a bit of effort to focus on the positive things in life. A gratitude journal is a fantastic way to remind yourself what a lucky bitch you are. The negative chatter in our brains can be difficult to switch off. Just taking stock of the little things in your life that you're grateful for - your family, your paycheck, your boo, your kickin' bod - can help quiet that negative self-talk.

5. Honor Boundaries

One of the most important lessons we learn as grown-ass adults is how to establish boundaries. Ok, sure. It's not the sexiest item on the list, but learning how to establish and honor your boundaries can make all the difference for your mental health. The thing to remember is that you don’t need to please anyone; it is ok to say no to stuff. It’ll be hard in the beginning, but it gets easier with practice, I promise.

6. Drink More Water

So easy. Want more pointers? We got you, babe. Check out our blog about how to actually drink more water.

7. Disconnect

Most of our time is spent in front of a screen. I know you might not wanna hear it, but one of the best things you can do for yourself is just put those devices away. Having a hard time quitting cold turkey? Decide on a cut off time and stick to it. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through your Instagram feed, spend some time talking to your BFF, cuddling your pets or your kids, or just unwinding with a book and a cup of tea (the Brothers Apothecary Golden Dream CBD Hemp Tea from our September Amber Rose Box is an obvious favorite). After a few days off from those late night screen binges, you'll find that unwinding without your phone in your hand can make all the difference.

8. Find A Hobby

As we get older, obligations pile up and priorities shift. That’s normal. But when was the last time you did something simply because it brought you joy? When was the last time you tried something totally new? If you liked to draw as a kid, do it now. Always wanted to learn a new language? Enroll in a class. Gardening always sounded fun? Start puttering around your garden. Just do it. And if you don’t like it, that’s okay. Move on to the next thing.

9. Establish Rituals

Rituals are beautiful things. They ground us when life gets hard and give us a comforting sense of routine. Take the time in the evenings to take off your makeup (EMK Skin Care Aurora Cleanser from our June Amber Rose Box is the perfect tool for the job) and do your skincare routine. Arrange a weekly coffee date with your BFF. Do the same with your bae. Take yourself to the movies or out for dinner once a month. Whatever it is, give yourself something small to look forward to. You’ll be amazed at how much happiness and peace these little rituals can bring.

10. Don’t Ignore What Your Body Is Trying To Tell You

As we get older, weird things start to happen. Hangovers last for days, it’s physically impossible to enjoy heavy food late at night, and your back/knees/whatever start to hurt. Taking care of your bod can start to feel like a full time job. Annual check-ups are no fun, but they've gotta be done. If you are not feeling well, please get your ass to the doctor. Or at least take it easy, and really listen to what your bod is trying to tell you.

11. Mind What You Eat

Listen, the mere word "diet" makes me shudder. And don't get it twisted, that's not what we're advocating for here. Life is too short; enjoy a slice of pizza or a delicious piece of cake when you feel like it. Doctors are the only ones who should really be dispensing serious nutrition advice, so we'll leave that work to them. That being said – we could all do with a bit more fruits and vegetables on our menu. Couldn't hurt, right?

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