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30 Little Things for Better Self Care

30 Little Things for Better Self Care

by: Sub Cat

Self care is sometimes all about the little things. Even on the darkest day, there are things we can do to feel a little less blue.

Here are 30 Ways to Practice Better Self Care:

1. Breathe

Take a deep breath, and count to three. If you feel like you're losing control, focus on your own breathing can help you calm down.

2. Speak

Talk with somebody else about what's going on in their life. Hearing about what's happening to others may help you tune out a bit and offer a little perspective on your own issues.

3. Keep Company

Spend some time with an animal. Whether it's yours or a friend’s, petting an animal or taking a nap with one can really help improve your mood.

4. Enjoy Something

Watch your favorite TV show or movie. Even something you’ve seen 500 times. It's a great distraction.

5. Read

Get lost in a book.

6. Doodle

Get a blank sheet of paper and a pencil or some crayons and just start doodling. Start with a line, and see where it takes you.

7. Write

Write down exactly how you’re feeling, and then tear it up. Getting your frustrations out on the page can help.

8. Feel Accomplished

Write a list of all the small things you’ve accomplished today. Start with “waking up” and go from there.

9. Nurture Something

Take care of some plants. Water them, trim their leaves, repot them in fresh soil... it can feel empowering to nurture something, but it's also nice to connect with nature, even if it's in a small way.

10. Surround Yourself

Buy yourself some cheap flowers, and arrange them on your bedside table so they’re the first thing you see when you wake up.

11. Stretch

Take a small walk. Even just around the block. If a walk feels like too much, just spend five minutes on your front steps. Feeling the fresh air on your face can do wonders for your mood.

12. Hydrate

Drink a glass of water. You might be dehydrated and not even realize it.

13. Eat

Are you hungry? If you can’t remember the last time you had a good meal, or even a snack, it’s probably time to eat something.

14. Refresh

Take a shower, just to take a shower. Use all your favorite skincare products and soak up the goodness.

15. Treat Yourself

Do your whole skin care routine, or just throw on a face mask.

16. Imagine

Play with makeup, or paint your nails.

17. Rest

Get some sleep. It could be that you're just tired.

18. Get Perspective

Rearrange your room, or hang up some art. It could help you get a fresh perspective.

19. Tidy Up

Make your bed. If you don’t feel up to cleaning your whole apartment, just making your bed is low-commitment and doesn't demand too much energy but it can make your space feel much cozier.

20. Listen

Listen to music you love. Better yet, make a playlist of your favorite songs in the world and tune in.

21. Don't Listen

Listen to white noise. If you're feeling overstimulated and can’t manage a movie or music, listening to some white noise (like the sound of falling rain or waves) can help you concentrate on something else, or ignore what you're trying to ignore for a little while.

22. Look Fab

Put on your favorite outfit. It could be ratty pajamas or a sequin bodysuit or your prom dress from high school. Whatever makes you feel really, really good.

23. Say Hi

Reach out to a friend, and tell them you miss them. Listen to them talk about their life for a while.

24. Explore

Make plans for a trip. Even if you’re not headed anywhere any time soon, just looking at photos of dreamy destinations can lift your spirits.

25. Plan

Update your calendar so you can see all the things you have to look forward to.

26. Throwback

Post a #tbt, even if it isn’t Thursday. Keep your favorite memories close to you.

27. Sit Back

If you spend a lot of time of social networks, consider taking a break! Social media can enable us to compare ourselves with others, which can make depression worse. Consider a social media detox, or simply turn your phone off for an hour or two.

28. Open Up

Have a good cry. Sometimes you just need to let it all out.

29. Recognize Challenge

Let yourself feel down for a while, without demanding so much from yourself and without ignoring how you’re feeling. Acknowledge your feelings, spend some time with them, and when you’re ready to move on, move on.

30. Say More

Talk to someone about how your feeling. Maybe you need a little outside help, or just someone to listen to you. Reach out to someone you love and trust.

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