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5 New Hoeliday Traditions To Try With Your Chosen Family

5 New Hoeliday Traditions To Try With Your Chosen Family

by: Sub Cat

The Winter Holidays are a magical time of year for many people, but what if things with your fam are less than merry? Celebrating with your chosen family is just as important and totally valid! Whether you're looking for some new hoeliday traditions or you want a non-denominational way to mark the season, read on for SlutBlog's list of new hoeliday traditions to try with your friends, loved ones and chosen fam.

Host A Festivus

Originated on Seinfeld, "Festivus" is an alternative end-of-year holiday involving a celebratory pole and feats of strength. The whole point is that "Festivus for the rest of us" is just that - its a nondenominational crazy party to mark the end of the year with your friends. Make your Festivus whatever you want! Play party games, hang mistletoe, wear costumes, etc. The important thing is being together. Another great idea? Host a friends-giving, and think outside the box for the menu. (Chinese takeout, anyone?)

White Elephant Gifts

Gifts don't have to be expensive! Do a Secret Santa gift swap, or organize a game of white elephant. Set the price limit to $20, and see who can come up with the most creative gift. Extra points: make a requirement for all the gifts to be homemade!

Celebrate the Solstice

The midwinter solstice occurs every year on December 21st, which is also the shortest day of the year. While Solstice (or "Yule") was originally celebrated by ancient Germanic peoples in connection with the Wild Hunt, the god Odin and the pagan Anglo-Saxon Modraniht, midwinter solstice is a fab night of the year to host a feast, light candles, and make wishes with loved ones to brighten up the longest night of the year.

Give Back

Winter is the hardest time of year for families and folx in need, and organizations across the world call for donations, volunteers and activists to step in and help. Why not grab your friends and organize a day of volunteering at your local soup kitchen, shelter or school? There are hundreds of ways to get involved and give back! Host a fundraiser, donate your time directly, buy gifts for a child in need, or simply donate those old coats and sweaters you don't wear anymore to a coat drive. So rewarding!

Learn Something New

Learning something together is one of the best bonding experiences you can have (aside from getting stuck in the middle of nowhere together with a flat tire). This holiday season, why not get together and learn a new skill? Take a group cooking class, learn a new style of dance, or pick up knitting. You don't even have to spend money - chances are, someone in your friend group has a hidden skill. Get your buddy to finally show you all how they make their famous mac n' cheese casserole, or bribe them into teaching you how to use their sewing machine. You might be surprised what your friends know!

How do you celebrate the season? Let us know your traditions in the comments below!

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