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7 Little Ways To Practice Self Care This Valentine's Day

7 Little Ways To Practice Self Care This Valentine's Day

by: Sub Cat

Valentine's Day is the day of love. So why shouldn't that include a little self love? This year, why not celebrate this V-Day by being as self-indulgent as possible? Read on for our favorite ways to practice self-care this V-Day!

Make Your Toes Curl

Boo or no boo, it doesn’t matter. This V-Day, make your toes curl in the best way possible with a little, ahem, self lovin. We recommend spending some alone time with a favorite toy, like the Satisfyer Penguin Pro (featured in the December Box). Sure, this baby might look too cute to get the job done, but boy does it pack a punch! Just trust me on this. Made from skin-friendly silicone and employing Satisfyer Pro’s revolutionary Air Pulse Technology to mimic the sensation of oral sex, your orgasm is in the bag. Plus? It’s waterproof. Y'all know what that means.

Now, you don't think we would recommend a toe-curling, knee-shaking sex toy without a great lube to go with it, did you? Try BioNude Personal Lubricant from Good Clean Love, featured in the November Box. BioNude is formulated to mimic your body’s natural lubrication and to bring sensational pleasure, whether you're lubin' up solo, with a partner or with your fave toy. Now go on, release those endorphins.

Banish Negative Energy

Home should be a sanctuary. This V-Day, spend some time making your space truly your own. Whether you spend a whole evening Marie Kondo-ing your apartment or just 15 minutes tidying up, take a sec to banish any negative, stress-y vibes with Palo Santo Wood Incense from Third Eye Wood (from the December Box). Palo Santo is known as “the wood of the Saints.” Folks have been using Palo Santo for centuries to clear out negative energy and draw blessings into their lives. Research even shows that burning Palo Santo facilitates the oxygenation of brain cells, which boosts your mental clarity and lifts your mood. On a side-note, Palo Santo also works as a fab pest repellent!

Amp Up Your Meditation

This Valentine's Day, give yourself the gift of unconditional love and inner peace with a beautiful Rose Quartz Crystal from Esoteric Lifestore (featured in our September Box). Rose Quartz opens up your heart chakra and promotes the feelings of love, self-worth, and peace. You can use it in your meditation to amplify your intentions and bring more love, laughter, and passion into your life. Stash a rose quartz crystal in your pocket or handbag as a reminder to be kind to yourself as you go about your day.

Get Glowing

When you hear "self care," chances are you're picturing laying back in a robe, sippin' champagne and wearing a face mask. At least, that's what we think of! This V-Day why not pamper yourself with an at-home spa night? Start with our new fave exfoliating Brightening Face Scrub My Minimo (from the October Box). It's made with pure cane sugar, turmeric, and raw Manuka honey, to smooth, cleanse and soften skin in a jiffy. Next, pop on a mask like the JJ Young Mud Sheet Mask from the July Box.These sheet masks are designed to moisturize, calm stressed skin, clear out clogged pores, and control excess sebum. While you're masking (this can be anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes), soak in a hot bath with a Kush Queens Love CBD Bath Bomb (featured in our June Box). Once you step out of that tub, you'll feel like a brand new bitch. I promise.

Catch Some Zzzs

After all that pampering, a bitch gets tired! So go ahead, get your snooze on. No, seriously. Beauty sleep is real y’all. For a truly indulgent slumber, treat yourself to a cat nap in the middle of the afternoon, or turn off your phone and hit the hay early. If you have some trouble dozing off, brew up a mug of caffeine-free Golden Dream CBD Hemp Tea (from the September Box). Lindenleaf and hawthorn berry are natural relaxants that'll help you unwind (and settle your stomach). Organic chamomile soothes, while organic spearmint, orange peel and lemongrass give this tea a delightfully refreshing tang. Plus, that kick of CBD will have you drifting off to la-la land in no time!

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