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A Guide To The Best Period Undies. Period.  

A Guide To The Best Period Undies. Period.  

by: Sub Cat

Period panties are a super-comfortable, eco-friendly solution for all bodies that menstruate. Rather than throwing away hundreds of pads, tampons and liners every year, investing in a couple pairs of period panties can really reduce your carbon footprint! Plus, wearing a pair of skivvies specially formulated to wick away moisture is way more comfortable than fussing with pad wings or tampon strings. Let’s shop!


THINX is probably the most recognizable brand of menstrual underwear. Their chonies come in a huge variety of styles and cuts from thongs to boyshorts. One thong holds up to half a tampon’s worth of blood, while their high-waist and hiphugger styles hold up to two tampon’s worth. Their patented 4-layer technology (moisture-wicking cotton, antimicrobial lining, super-absorbent fabric and a leak-resistant barrier) makes THINX a foolproof option. (Plus they offer a 60 day money-back guarantee, so it’s basically risk free to try).

Dear Kate

Dear Kate specializes in period underwear, and they even have a patent pending on their Underlux material which keeps you dry using three layers of breathable fabric. Their thongs hold up to one light tampon’s worth of blood, and their other styles include hipsters, briefs and even yoga pants!

Intimate Portal

One of the prettiest picks, Intimate Portal undies are designed for period and incontinence protection. (The company also makes maternity underwear!) Their briefs hold two light tampon’s worth of blood, and are made with four layers of absorption and protection.


ModiBodi is a period panty brand from down under. They feature a huge range of styles, fabrics and fits for their period panties including maternity and swim styles! Their classic thongs hold half a tampon’s worth, while their bikinis hold up to two tampon’s worth of blood for overnight wear (Buh-bye bulky night pads!). Modibodi also makes period panties for Girls’ sizes 8-14!


PantyProp is another option that includes styles in smaller sizes, perfect for teens. The company offers 10+ hours of protection from leaks and stains - plus they offer period-proof swimwear options!


LunaPads offers a close-fitting boxer brief style perfect for transmen, tomboys and everyone inbetween! Each boxer brief holds two tampons or two pad’s worth of blood for all-day period protection. Their other styles include bikinis, briefs, and hipsters!

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