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Hoeliday Self Care | How To Take Care Of Yourself This Season

Hoeliday Self Care | How To Take Care Of Yourself This Season

by: Sub Cat

Winter is the most magical time of year. Sugarplum faeries, gifts to unwrap, chestnuts roasting on an open fire, and all that jazz. But all that time spent of airplanes flying to visit friends and family, sipping on bubbly and spiked eggnogs, gorging on Christmas cookies, cozying up by the fire with friends and faking a smile at endless company holiday parties takes a toll. If you've ever gotten sick, felt rundown over the holidays or had a meltdown in the middle of Black Friday shopping, you know I'm talking about. The holidays mean socializing more, spending more, doing more, eating more, and sleeping less. Self care during the holiday is so important, so try some of our tips for Hoeliday Self Care to keep your bod, your mind and your spirit in check.

Set A Morning Routine

It's important to set a little time for yourself every day. Taking time for self care feels impossible during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, but setting aside a few moments in the morning, before your day has really begun, is a perfect way to sneak in some me-time. Use your morning routine to sit quietly with a cup of tea, meditate, or do your skincare routine. My pick? Do a face mask like the My Minimo Skincare Brightening Face Scrub from October's Box.

Take A Walk

Get some fresh air. Seriously. Bundle up if its cold, and head outside. Don't worry about burning calories or working up a sweat, this is just to clear your head (and help you escape that crowded kitchen).

Say No

The holidays are expensive. They're an overwhelming whirl of invitations, dinners, parties, and events. But saying "no" is your secret weapon to surviving this season. Don't feel like going out? Stay in and practice some self-loving. (Just don't forget the Lelo Personal Moisturizer - featured in our very first Box).

Eat Well

Of course, it's not the holidays without your favorite seasonal treats. Just indulge in moderation, and balance your diet with healthy greens, whole grains and proteins. You're grown, so you don't have to clear your plate at every dinner, or eat your Auntie's mac-and-cheese casserole if you don't want to. Eat what makes you feel good.

Sleep Better

Give your body and brain a chance to recharge on those marathon holiday days (and nights). Even 20 extra minutes of shut-eye will make a huge difference. Give yourself an edge by brewing a mug of steaming hot Golden Dream Hemp CBD Tea from The Brothers Apothecary (featured in our September Box).

Give Back

The holidays aren't just a time for swapping expensive gifts. Take the time to gift your friends, fam or chosen family with something simple and from the heart - a letter of gratitude, a hot dish of food, or just the gift of your time. It'll be a gift for both of you.

Go On A Social Media Diet

On Instagram, everyone's holiday is shiny, bright and sooo fabulous. If you're feeling bogged down by the constant stream of messages, family photos and pics of flashy gifts, the solution is easy. Disconnect! Take a social media hiatus, and focus on what's right in front of you instead.

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