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How To Actually Stick To Those NYE Resolutions

How To Actually Stick To Those NYE Resolutions

by: Sub Cat

The hoelidays are over and we're well into the new year. So, how are those New Year's resolutions holdin' up, babe? Before you throw in the towel or beat yourself up too much, read on for our tips to making your NYE Resolution stick.

Make A Plan

Some of the most popular New Years resolutions revolve around getting healthy. That could mean dropping some pounds, getting more exercise or simply setting a time each day for a quick meditation. Whichever aspect of your health requires some work, make a plan and write it down. When you break it down into small, actionable steps, it won’t seem so daunting. Want to eat more nourishing meals? Do the grocery shopping and meal prep in advance. Gym 3 times per week? Pack your gym bag the night before. Need to get some more sleep every night? Challenge yourself to go to be five minutes earlier every night. Easy peasy.

One Step At A Time

My mom always told me it takes 21 days to establish a habit. Unfortunately, it turns out that that's not entirely true. A recent study shows that it takes on average of 66 days for something to become a habit. Take things one step at a time, babe! It'll take a couple months to really cement your new habits, so take things slow and don't expect an 180-degree turnaround overnight.

Cut Yourself Some Slack

None of us are perfect, and we all slip up no matter what. So please, when you slip up (because you will!) do not beat yourself up about it. The most important thing is to not to let one or two slip ups make you abandon your whole plan. If you fall off the wagon one day, just dust yourself off and start strong the next day.

Treat Yo Self

Life is too short to go without any rewards. Even if your goal is to boost your health, don't deprive yourself of that slice of cake when you're celebrating. Treating yourself can be simple - treating yourself to a long hot shower, or a solo movie date. The point is to reward yourself and celebrate the wins you have accomplished.

Get Some Support

As the old saying goes – it takes a village. All of us need a support system. It doesn’t matter who it is, just as long as your support system is a positive one. Someone who challenges you and pushes you to reach your goals is fine. Someone who inspires unhealthy competition or puts you down when you're trying to do something good for yourself is not. Making sure you have positive supports will help keep you accountable to your goals and keep your friends in the loop so they can support you better!

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