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SlutBox's Essential New Years Eve Recovery Kit

SlutBox's Essential New Years Eve Recovery Kit

by: Sub Cat

The party's over, time for some major TLC. Break out the face masks, and for goodness sake drink some water! We've got your NYE recovery kit right here.

The First Step FlyBy Recovery Capsules

We know you're a smartie pants, so you probably planned out your party strategy by pregaming with FlyBy Recovery Capsules. FlyBy Recovery Capsules (featured in our October SlutBox) help your bod process alcohol-induced toxins, support healthy liver function and replenish lost vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Taken with food and water before partying and then again before bed, each capsule is packed with everything your liver craves - 100% daily value or more of vitamins B1, B2, B6, B9, B12 plus 18 naturally occurring amino acids and minerals to help you maintain your energy levels. This means you can party smarter and wake up feeling refreshed enough to make it to brunch. Win-win.

The Clean Slate EMK Skin Care Aurora Cleanser

Let's face it - after a night of partying, the last thing you wanna do is take off your makeup and wash you face. But having a luxe, skin-softening cleanser to look forward to lathering up with makes this process a whole lot easier. The EMK Skin Care Aurora Cleanser (featured in our June Box) contains plant Bioplacenta proteins, firming peptides and naturally anti-bacterial botanical extracts along with moisturizing super-ingredient hyaluronic acid to replenish tired skin and lock in hydration. Plus, its naturally pollution fighting so you can literally wash off those 3am rooftop cigarettes.

The Mood Reset JJ Young Rosehip Mud Sheet Mask

Nothing resets your mood (and refreshes your skin) like a good face mask. These Mud Sheet Masks by JJ Young (featured in our July Box) combine the best of two worlds - detoxifying mud masks and refreshing and convenient-to-use sheet masks. The clay in these unique mud sheet masks zaps impurities and excess oil from your pores, while the revitalizing botanicals and rose essences moisturize and soothe your skin. Think of it as a facial you can enjoy without leaving your bed.

The Full Body Detox Bathhouse Soapery & Calderium Hot Southern Mess Soap

You might feel like a pile of hot garbage, but you don't have to smell like one. Hot Southern Mess was featured in our August Box, and we still can't get enough of this handcrafted soap. Wash up with this beautifully marbled bar scented with poppy, pomegranate, osmanthus and southern sugar cane, and feel all your troubles wash down the drain. Plus, since this bar is formulated with organic coconut oil, organic sustainable palm oil, purified spring water and activated charcoal you'll step out of the shower feeling detoxified, moisturized, and completely renewed.

The Incognito Celebrity Disguise VYE x SlutBox Sunnies

If you absolutely have to go outside after a night of partying, don't get caught without some hater blockers. The VYE Eyewear x SlutBox Sunnies from our June Box will keep you inconspicuous and under cover until you can return to the safety of your own home. Plus, with some killer shades on, no one will be looking at your leftover mascara smears or your XXL-teeshirt-and-high-heels combo.

The Good Sleep The Brothers Apothecary Golden Dream CBD Hemp Tea

What your body really needs after a long night (and long morning) of partying is some good sleep. Before you hit the hay, do yourself a favor and brew a mug of The Brothers Apothecary Golden Dream CBD Hemp Tea (featured in our September Box). This tea was formulated with bedtime in mind, blending refreshing spearmint, calming chamomile, bright orange peel and exotic lemongrass with relaxing linden leaf and hawthorn berry and, of course, hemp-derived CBD. This tea is 100% caffeine free so you can snooze interrupted. So snuggle up boo, and catch some much needed Z's.

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