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Super Charged Full Moon Manifestation Ritual

Super Charged Full Moon Manifestation Ritual

by: Sub Cat

A Full Moon (and the week leading up to it) is a supercharged time, astrologically speaking. We all know Full Moons can bring some crazy energy (after all, the word lunatic is derived from the Latin luna meaning moon!). The Full Moon is a powerful time to spark intentions, manifest change, and recharge and recalibrate your energy. The basic principle behind manifestation is that if you don't ask the universe for what you want in life, you'll miss out on your own superpowers that can make those changes happen! So make the most of this astrologically powerful time, and let's get manifesting!

Gather Your Tools

So, what will you need for your Full Moon manifestation? Because you'll be focusing on visualizing positive things entering your life, a great place to start is with a vision board! If you don't have a vision board, an inspiration journal or just a sheet of paper with your hearts' desires written on it will work just fine.

Create A Sacred Space

Whether it's an altar, a bench in your garden, your kitchen table or your nightstand, carve out a beautiful little space where you can keep candles, crystals (the Rose Quartz Crystal from our August Box is perfect for manifesting love and romance vibes!), your journal, and other symbolic items that inspire you. Before you use your sacred space, it's important to clear any cluttered or negative energy! A great way to do this is by burning a sage smudge stick, or sprinkling the edge of the room with rock salt.


Meditation is super important because it forces you to r-e-l-a-x and allows your most secret desires to flow from your higher self. Set your intention before you meditate - your intention can be as simple as finding a new bae who treats you right to getting that promotion at work to moving across the country. Once you have your intention in your mind, hold that thought there and allow yourself to explore every facet of this intention. Imagine all the good things you want in your life, and imagine them flowing into your life, one by one.

Sleep On It

Before you start to self-sabotage with doubt or judgments, remember that doubts are part of the manifestation process and refocus your energy drawing the positive into your life. And before you head too far down the rabbit hole of self-doubt, go to bed! Get a good night's sleep, and dream of all the magic you're conjuring. You're more powerful than you know babe.

What are you manifesting this new moon, Sluts? Let us know in the comments below!

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