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The Essential Foolproof Thanksgiving Weekend Survival Kit

The Essential Foolproof Thanksgiving Weekend Survival Kit

by: Sub Cat

Whether you're headed to bae's house for the dreaded meet-the-fam weekend, or just headed back to your hometown for Turkey Day, every badass babe needs a little backup. Before you hop on that train home, run through our essential Thanksgiving Weekend Survival Kit checklist.

The Hangover Buster FlyBy Recovery Capsules

No matter how many pumpkin ales you downed last night, Flyby has your back. These Recovery Capsules (featured in October's Box) help your bod process alcohol-induced toxins, support healthy liver function and replenish lost vitamins, minerals and amino acids. In layman's terms, these capsules help you process those extra drinks for a better night, and a better morning after. Each capsule is packed with everything your liver craves. That means 100% daily value or more of vitamins B1, B2, B6, B9, B12 plus 18 naturally occurring amino acids and minerals to help you maintain your energy levels. Just take three capsules with food and water before drinking, then take another 3 capsules before bed so you can party all night with bae's Dad and still wake up in time for brunch with Moms.

The Immediate Calm-Down The Brothers Apothecary Golden Dream CBD Hemp Tea

Jetlag? No problem. Get a good night's sleep with The Brothers Apothecary Golden Dream CBD Hemp Tea! Formulated with bedtime in mind, this tea (featured in our September Box) blends comforting chamomile, refreshing spearmint, bright orange peel and exotic lemongrass, plus naturally calming linden leaf and hawthorn berry. The star of the show? 100% legal, hemp-derived CBD to calm your nerves, settle your stomach and ease any anxieties you might be feeling.

The Heavy-Duty Moisturizer Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream

Dry, chapped winter skin be-gone! This concentrated plant-based glycerin formula by Yu-Be is enriched with vitamins B2 and E, hydrates your skin and retains moisture for instant results. Featured in our very first SlutBox, this heavy-duty moisturizer soothes even the most stressed skin, quickly restoring balance. Whether your skin is parched from hours stuck in recycled airplane air or dried out from the cool, windy weather, Yu-Be has you covered. Oh, and it works on lips, cuticles, faces, hands and feet, too.

The Wardrobe Malfunction Insurance Hollywood Fashion Secrets No-Show Concealers & Hollywood Fashion Tape

A Slut has the right to wear whatever they want, whenever they want. But maybe family dinner with all of bae's relatives isn't the time to bare it all. Keep your outfit looking fire (and your hemlines, bra straps, plunging necklines and perky nips in place with Hollywood Fashion Secrets No-Show Concealers and Hollywood Fashion Secrets Fashion Tape (featured in the July Box). No-Show Concealers are perfect to wear under t-shirts, sheer tops or dresses when you wanna run free without a bra or undershirt (but don't wanna give away the goods). Hollywood Fashion Tape is the original easy-to-use clear double-stick apparel and body tape to keep your bra straps in place or to secure those pesky gaps between the buttons on your button-down, so you can make the best first impression on bae's fam.

The Me-Time Escape Beecause Rose & Pink Clay Mask

Family time is a lot! Escape for just a few moments to recharge your social batteries (and refresh your skin while you're at it!). Slap on a Beecause Rose & Pink Clay mask (featured in our June Box) and feel the impurities and excess oil being drawn gently out of your pores by the Rhassoul and Pink Clays. The scent of rose bud petals and rose oils will soothe your mind. You might even forget the clatter of drunk relatives in the kitchen or that stack of dishes in the dining room. Every Sluts deserves a few moments of self care in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, so don't think twice about taking it!

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