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5 Ways To Celebrate Your Platonic Loves This V-Day

5 Ways To Celebrate Your Platonic Loves This V-Day

by: Sub Cat

V-Day Isn't Just For Lovers

V-Day is upon us. Everywhere you look its red roses and candy hearts and teddy bears holding balloons. We get it if this Hallmark holiday isn't your cup of tea. Maybe you're nursing a breakup, sick of spending Valentine's night alone, or just not that into the holiday. But Valentine's Day isn't just for lovers. This year, why not reclaim the day and celebrate your platonic loves instead? Read on for SlutBox's list of five fab ways to show your friends just how much they mean to you this V-Day.

1. Go On A Date

Who says date nights should be solely reserved for your partners? This V-Day, grab your best friends, catch a movie and go for dinner afterward. If it’s been a while, go out dancing. Or linger over coffee and have a good catch up. No matter what is the size of your social circle, date night can be done in a multitude of ways. You can do something fun as a group, or you can spend some one-on-one time with you ride-or-die hoe.

2. Have A Pamper Session

Who doesn’t like a good pamper session? If you've got it like that, why not book a spa date for you and your crew? If your budget is a bit tighter, you can always host a spa night at home! Dress code: favorite sweats, PJs or fluffy robes. Make plenty of snacks, and be prepared to pass out some sheet masks (we swear by the JJ Young Pore Green Tea Mud Sheet Masks from our July Box) and talk long into the night.

3. Do Somethin' Nice

This one is simple – just do something nice for your friends to show you care! Even if you and your buds aren't traditional Valentine's types, almost everyone enjoys getting flowers (or a succulent) to brighten their day, or a cup of coffee dropped off at their work. Don't be afraid to think beyond physical gifts: Let’s say your BFF is a new babymama or a new daddy. Cook a big casserole that they can freeze and reheat, so they don’t have to worry about dinner for a few days. If your friend can’t get a moment to herself, offer to babysit her kids while she goes for a mani/pedi or to get her hair done. It can be something big or small, but a simple act of random V-Day kindness could make all the difference!

4. Have A Sex Toy Party

Sex toys are for everybody. Attached or single, we all use 'em. So why not throw a Sex Toy Party? You never know, you might just find your new favorite sex toy (our current favorite just so happens to be the Satisfyer Penguin Pro from the December Box).

5. Do Something You've Never Done Before

Is there a dance class you've been wanting to try? What about a craft you've been interested in learning? The joy of trying a new activity with your best buds is that you can suck at it together and have a good laugh about it. So go ahead - book that twerk class. Make a reservation at that fancy new restaurant you've wanted to go to for ages. Life is more fun when you try new things. And it’s even better when the experience is shared with your favorite hoes.

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