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7 Gifts For Bae (Whether It's Your First V-Day Together Or Your 50th)

7 Gifts For Bae (Whether It's Your First V-Day Together Or Your 50th)

by: Sub Cat

Anxious about finding the perfect V-Day gift for your boo? Whether you’re in a situationship or you’ve already moved in together, SlutBox has you covered with a guide to our top 7 fave V-Day gifts!

For The High Tech Lover MysteryVibe Crescendo Vibrator ($149.99)

The world's most adaptable, bendable, truly gender-neutral vibrator that pleases any body. Made from premium body-safe silicone, the Crescendo is completely adjustable and extremely discrete. If you haven't cashed in the $50 gift card for MysteryVibe from our September Box, now's a good time.

For The Makeout Addict Kocostar Black Cherry Soothing & Glow Lip Mask ($38)

Remember those days in high school where you would just make out for hours on end? Hint at what's on your mind by gifting bae a pack of Kocostar Lip Masks (featured in our October Box!). These hydrogel lip masks are infused with hydrating botanicals to moisturize, soften and plump up your pout. So pucker up, boo!

For The Vibe Curator Bijou Candle Coven Travel Set ($25)

Conjure up some good vibes with a trio of super-cute witch-inspired soy travel candles from Bijou. With scents like Cedar & Thyme, Patchouli & Bergamot and Palo Santo, you're sure to bewitch your Valentine.

For The Sexy Stoner The Brothers Apothecary Golden Dream CBD Hemp Tea ($15) & Kush Queens Black Magic CBD Bath Bomb ($12.99)

This V-Day, treat your bae to some deep relaxation and a little *ahem* herbal refreshment! We still can't get enough of the Brothers Golden Dream CBD Tea (included in our September Box). The Kush Queens CBD Bath Bomb we included in our June Box was such a hit, we came back for seconds with the mood-boosting, anxiety busting Black Magic CBD Bath Bomb. Why not keep the good vibes flowin' with a double hit of CBD!

For The Jetsetter Airbnb Gift Card ($---)

Spark some wanderlust and get outta town with your boo. The perfect travel companion? An Airbnb gift card, duh! Bonus points if the place you're bookin' has a pool... or mirrors on the ceiling.

For The Cuddle Bug Urban Outfitters Calhoun & Co. Good At Naps Woven Throw Blanket ($108)

Look, it's winter. It's cold outside. It's prime Netflix bingeing season. So make sure you and bae are as cozy as two bugs in a rug with this super cute Good At Naps Woven Throw Blanket from Urban Outfitters. With a graphic black and white print, this throw will look just as good on the couch as it would hanging up on your wall.

For The Total Slut SlutBox 6 Month Gift Subscription ($168.98)

Shameless self promo! But seriously, SlutBox is the ultimate gift that keep on givin'. Hook bae up with six months of SlutBox (shipping included!) so you can enjoy the sexy fun together, every month.

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