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7 Super Sweet Spring Date Ideas For You & Your Boo

7 Super Sweet Spring Date Ideas For You & Your Boo

by: SlutBox

Spring is just around the corner. As much as I love autumn and winter (helloooo cozy nights bingeing Netflix by the fire!), it’s hard not to get excited about spring. Everything is in bloom, the days are getting longer, and love is in the air. There is no better time to grab your boo and arrange an al fresco date night!

Go On A Picnic

Picnics remain a perennial favorite for a reason. What’s better than a lunch or dinner date out in the sunshine and fresh air? Next date night, grab a blanket, find a nice scenic spot, and dig into some delicious travel-friendly foods! Sure, spring weather can be a famously unpredictable. But on a sunny day, what could be better?

Visit The Zoo

When was the last time you went to the zoo? If you’re a couple without little ones, it’s probably been a while. Turns out, the zoo isn’t just for kids! It can also be a pretty ideal date spot! Stroll around with your honey and check out all the adorable animals, and grab a delish snack along the way. (Elephant Ears, anyone?) There’s plenty to talk about (so no uncomfortable silences), and who knows? You might even learn a thing or two along the way. Even better, the zoo isn’t as packed during the spring season because school isn’t out for the summer yet!

Sample Some Food Trucks

The perfect spot for an everyday casual date night? Your local food truck! Food truck pods are popping up in cities all over the globe. If your city has a food truck scene, hit it up with your boo. Food trucks are truly a foodie’s dream come true. You can try a ton of food you haven’t tried before without blowing your budget.

Go On A Bike Ride

A nice long bike ride can be such a great way to explore your city, and there’s no better time for it! Spring weather can be warm, but an easy-paced bike ride won’t leave you looking like a sweaty mess with frizzy hair. Why not combine two ideas and bike to your fave picnic spot?

Enjoy A Nature Walk

In my opinion, nothing beats a lovely walk with the person you love most. Chances are you city has a gorgeous local park, forest, nature trail, botanical garden or beach. It is a fab (and free!) way to spend some quality time together.

See A Movie Or A Play Outdoors

If your city has an outdoor cinema or your local theater companies do outdoor plays during spring and summer, give it a go. It’s a fresh, fun way to take in some culture! Plus it’s completely acceptable to bring your own snacks. If you can’t find an outdoor or drive-in theater in your area, set up your own outdoor movie night in your backyard! Invest in a portable projector and hang up a sheet in your yard, or simply project your flick of choice on the side of your house!

Try Your Hand At Mini Golf

Look, I’m not the best at golf. Truth be told, I suck at most sports. But the point of a mini-golf game isn’t to win, it’s to exercise your competitive side and have a good laugh. It doesn’t matter how bad you play, as long as you have fun! Oh, and loser buys drinks after.

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