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Exploring The Power Of #HateSex With Lotus Flower Femme

Exploring The Power Of #HateSex With Lotus Flower Femme

by: Sub Cat

This article was written by Lotus Flower Femme and originally appeared on the Lotus Flower Femme blog. Image via Lotus Flower Femme.

It's surprisingly common for people to be physically/sexually attracted to someone they’re incompatible with, even if it’s someone they hate. Hate sex is the act of having strong, forceful sex with someone you’re attracted to but strongly dislike. Physical attraction is one of the main components of hate sex and visual stimuli greatly influences human sexuality. The medial prefrontal cortex, which mediates decision-making, is increasingly activated when we see someone we are physically attracted to. When aroused, the brain releases chemicals that alters our mental state, making us behave differently than we normally would.

#HateSex vs #MakeupSex

Keep in mind, there is a difference between “hate sex” and “make-up sex”. Hate sex and make-up sex are similar in that they are both fueled by intense emotions but the intensity of make-up sex reflects the fear of losing intimacy in a relationship, but it provides the foundation to reunite and reconnect after an argument or a break-up. According to April Masini, relationship expert and author, "having sex to express feelings — whether the feelings are hatred, sadness, frustration, joy or love — is just a way of connecting. Hate sex is also that — a way to connect over a feeling. It may be that you think it’s hate sex, but it just may be sex over frustration, disappointment, or sadness.”

What's The Appeal?

The appeal of hate sex is the adrenaline rush we crave and the exhilaration of crossing boundaries we normally wouldn’t cross. For some, hate sex replaces feelings of anger and vulnerability that are difficult and/or painful to manage. Those with unresolved issues related to low self-esteem and abandonment might use hate sex to feel a short-term sense of power and feeling desired. But beware: Hate sex doesn’t resolve any issues, it can get out of control, it can give a false sense of hope for failing relationships, and may leave you feeling worst afterwards. Personally, it’s hard for me to pop my pussy for someone I hate. That's usually what confirms the end of a relationship for me. If my pussy done checked out, it’s time for me to go…

Have you ever had #hatesex? Let us know in the comments!

This article was written by Lotus Flower Femme and originally appeared on the Lotus Flower Femme blog.

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