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Get Closer To Bae with 9 Simple Questions

Get Closer To Bae with 9 Simple Questions

by: Sub Cat

Talk is sexy, babe. Whether you’ve been together 5 hours or 5 years, get closer than ever and hotter than you thought possible by asking these 9 simple questions.

“Do You Like It When I…?”

Want to know if your partner likes what you’re doing? Just ask. It can be in the heat of the moment (which is kinda sexy, imho) or after the fact when you’re lazing around in that post-O glow. Get some confirmation on what your partner does (or doesn’t) dig, and help them get there faster, harder, and more often.

“How Do You Touch Yourself?”

Everybody masturbates. It’s good for your sex life, it’s good for your mental health, and it even helps you sleep. No one knows how to get you off faster thanSo asking how your partner touches themselves will help you learn what you should do when you touch them.

“Who/What Do You Think About When You Masturbate?”

It might feel silly or embarrassing or cliche to talk about your fantasies, but think about it this way - if you tell eachother what your fantasies are, there’s a chance your partner will make them happen. This question can open the door to roleplay, exploring kinks, and all kinds of adventures.

"What Are Your Hard and Soft Limits?"

Hard and soft limits, including safe words, aren’t just for 50 Shades style encounters. Everyone has different boundaries, and you should always discuss boundaries with your partner. Knowing what rules your partner is willing to bend, which ones they’re willing to break, and which ones they’re firm on will make sure everyone feels comfortable and respected.

"What Do You Wish I Did More Of?"

This question goes along well with #1. Chances are you already know some of the things your partner loves, so why not learn what they wish you’d do more of? Maybe what you’re doing is amazing, but you’re just not doing enough of it!

"How Often Do You Want To Have Sex?"

Some people need it every day (or three times a day), while other people are good once a week. Mismatched sex drives doesn’t have to be a dealbreaker - it just means a little compromise is in order. Clearly explaining your needs gives you and your partner a chance to get on the same page.

"What’s The Hottest Sex You’ve Ever Had? What Made It So Hot?"

Sex is as much about physical sensation as it is about emotion. Learning how your partner feltduring their hottest sexual experience can tell you a lot about what they crave in bed - for example, do they want to feel loved? Safe? Challenged? Dominated? Powerful? Knowing this will open the door for you both to explore further.

"Wanna Try Any Toys?"

Sex toys are life changing. Try incorporating one into your sex life, with a partner or even solo. I promise you will not regret it.

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