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How To Get Some When You’re Still Living At Home

How To Get Some When You’re Still Living At Home

by: Sub Cat

In this economy, more and more millennials are living at home (hey, who can blame them?). If we're not with the 'rents, we're in a crowded house full of roommates. That means we gotta be creative when it comes to gettin' some. Here is SlutBox's guide to getting lucky on the down-low - without your mom or your roommates being none the wiser.

Agree On A Signal

Remember the cliche of the ol' necktie over the doorknob, signifying that one roommate is gettin' busy in the room and for the other roommate to get lost? Work out a similar system with your cohabitators, and agree on a signal. Maybe it's as simple as a lamp turned on in the hall. A cute door hanger on the door (like the one from Fierce As Fuck included in our August Box!) can let folx know what's goin down without you having to say a word.

Talk It Out

The best way to preempt any awkwardness is to simply talk it out with your roommates, or your 'rents. Chances are you can all be adults about the situation, and you might even be able to introduce bae to the whole fam-bam. Keeping things transparent but casual will head off any awkwardness from the beginning. (Of course, if you're more into hooking up, or your parents are super conservative, then chances are this strategy won't work.) On to step two!

Invest In A Lock

Don't wanna get walked in on? Install a cheap sliding bar or chain lock on your bedroom door. You can pick one up at the local drugstore for a few bucks, or order one off Amazon. Easy peasy.

Soundproof Your Space

There's quite a few low-cost DIY options for soundproofing your space. The basic principle of soundproofing is to pad your room with soft items that will absorb sound. Use a draft blocker under your door to keep noise from slipping out, or hang some blackout curtains or an acoustic curtain over the door to your room. Noise ricochets off hard surfaces, which amplifies loud sounds. Strategically placing textiles like shag rugs and tapestries on bare walls, countertops, and even ceilings, prevents sound from reflecting. Get a thick rug pad to place under your rug to muffle sounds in an upstairs bedroom. If you're really invested, consider installing acoustic panels on your walls.

Hit Up A Hotel

If all else fails, save up your coins and hightail it to a hotel or a motel for some one-on-one time, sans interruptions. With hotel deals constantly popping up (especially during travel off-seasons) you can slip away and bang while still on a budget.

What are your tips for getting lucky while living at home? Let us know in the comments below!

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