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How To Make ALL Your Partners Feel Loved In A Poly Relationship

How To Make ALL Your Partners Feel Loved In A Poly Relationship

by: Sub Cat

Relationships of all stripes, romantic and platonic, can be difficult to navigate and nurture. It doesn’t matter if it's a marriage, an open relationship, a casual fling, or a polyamorous relationship. The fact remains when there are two and more people in the mix, things can get complicated fast. In a polyamorous relationship, (meaning a relationship with two or more people), it can be a struggle to keep up with all your partners and still stay balanced, cool-headed and calm. No matter what kind of ethical non-monogamy you might practice, here are some simple steps you can take to make all your partners feel loved.

Respect Boundaries

Boundaries are one of the most important things to establish and honor in a relationship. They become even more important the more partners you add into the mid. In fact, establishing boundaries should be a prerequisite for any polyamorous relationship. Without 'em, things can get complicated (not to mention downright messy) fairly quickly. An easy way to show your partners they are loved, always ALWAYS be respectful of their boundaries.

Communication Is Key

The other golden rule for relationships? Open and constant communication. For your relationship to thrive and stay healthy, it is essential to talk openly about what is going on with you. Likewise, one thing you can do for your partner(s) is to listen. Really listen and honor their feelings. Don’t interpret, translate, compare, or judge. Ask your partners questions, and make an attempt to learn even more about them. You might just be surprised what you'll learn.

Say "Thank You"

One thing most of us have in common is that we all love to feel appreciated and valued. That appreciation feels even sweeter when it comes from the people we love. So this is another simple one - tell your partners thank you. Express how much you value them and the work they put into the relationship - whatever type of relationship it might be. A simple "thank you" might just go a long way to making your partners feel seen, heard and loved.

Focus On The Experiences

Don’t get us wrong, we like getting nice gifts. Who doesn't? But at the end of the day, what people really remember isn't the dope gifts you got them, it's how you made them feel. What really lasts aren't material things, it's memories. That might sound corny, but it's true. Instead of flashy, material gifts, focus on building memories with your partners. Focus on their interests: For example, one of your partners might be an adrenaline freak, while the other likes nothing more than spending the night in, curled up on the sofa. Take the time to indulge your partners' hobbies, passions and interests and you'll create memories that'll last forever.

It’s All In The Little Things

Everyone knows big dramatic romantic gestures are for the movies. Real love is all about the little details. A nice home cooked meal (or a reservation at their favorite restaurant), a bunch of flowers, a handwritten note, or even sitting through a binge of their favorite show (that you might not like). Heck, we might be showing our age, but there is nothing sexier when your partner takes care of a chore you just hate doin'.

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