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Make A Great Impression On Bae's Family

Make A Great Impression On Bae's Family

by: Sub Cat

It's almost the hoe-hoe-holidays, which means it's almost time for presents, pumpkin pie and... that dreaded first holidays home with bae's family. Meeting your boo's fam for the first time can be super intimidating! It's nothing to lose your turkey dinner over. Here's SlutBox's Hoe For The Holidays guide to making your partner's family fall head over heels in love with you.

Do Your Research

As your boo for a rough list of attendees, along with a rough idea of the family tree. If you study who's who (and who's related to who) in advance, it'll be much easier to put names to faces in the heat of the moment. A good tip for remembering names is to repeat their name back to them. (Example: Hi Mrs. Allan, I'm Aaliyah.) If you want to go a step further, ask your partner for some details about their parents or their favorite sibling. Knowing what they're into (and just as importantly anything they're not into or don't approve of) will help you put your best conversational foot forward.

Dress The Part

It's hard not to judge a book by its cover! How you look is your first introduction, and dressing up a little will show your boo's family that you're respectful, serious, and can put an outfit together!

Get In With The Kids (And The Pets!)

Show some interest in people's children. Get down to the kids' level when being introduced, ask them questions and engage them in conversation if they're old enough. Engaging with kids shows that you're friendly, warm and gives the hint that you might just make a great parent someday! Spend some time with the family pet, too. Most people like you if their pet's like you, which is great news because most pets are really easy to impress!

Bring Something To Dinner

Bring anything. It doesn't need to be a home-cooked dish or a super expensive bottle of wine. If you don't know if the family drinks, a bouquet of seasonal blooms is a sweet touch.

Be Present

Be polite, be present and be yourself. Offer a hand in the kitchen, or with clearing the dishes. Pay compliments, and express your gratitude. A simple 'thank you so much for dinner" will go a long way. Remember to ask questions and get to know more about bae's family. (Stumped about where to start? Ask what your partner was like as a kid, or ask their parents how they met. Everyone loves a love story!). And for goodness sakes, put down your phone! Constantly checking your iPhone can send the message that you're bored or disinterested, so check your texts after dinner!

Speak For Yourself

Relax and be yourself! It's the oldest advice in the book, but if you're comfortable and having fun, it'll show. Don't let your boo do all the talking for you. Let them see your personality, and let them really get to know you. And don't be afraid of tooting your own horn. Some parents may try to interview you to see if you're a good influence or a good match for their child. So don't be afraid to talk up your successes and let them know what a catch you are!

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