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Rosebud of the Month February 2019 | Yeha Leung

Rosebud of the Month February 2019 | Yeha Leung

by: Sub Cat

My name is Yeha Leung. I am the owner and creative director of the label Creepyyeha.

Image via Yeha Leung. Photographed by Alejandro Lafontant I specialize in leather accessories and work with other materials like faux leathers, elastics, vinyls, crystals and pretty much anything I can get my hands on. The majority of my work is handmade to measure, ensuring a custom fit. My work has been worn on many world tours and seen in videos by Rihanna, FKA Twigs, Kali Uchis, Cardi B, City Girls, Sateen and many more. The brands style identity is heavily inspired by a mix of life experiences and beautiful confident women I have met along the way. In a way, I describe it more like a personal diary rather than a brand, if it makes any sense. My personal style, at the moment, is a eclectic mix of my product, vintage finds, alter egos and Chinese folklore. As a POC first generation Chinese-American, I always try to find a balance of my ethnic background and the crossfire that comes with designing what some consider taboo clothing.I am fortunate and extremely thankful of having a supportive family that fully helps me in every step of the way. I must admit, it was not always like this but by means of love, understanding and visibility of my work in other people, they grew accustomed to it. Image via Yeha Leung. Photographed by Vivian Loh The word slut, by definition, is a promiscuous woman, a woman who has many casual sexual partners. In my opinion, a woman is free to do with her body whatever she desires as long as she is safe and everything is consensual. Upon looking this up, it made me reflect on why the term of female promiscuity falls in many dictionaries, under the category of a derogatory term. This, in my opinion, is because for some time the meaning was warped and used as slander to oppress and shame female sexuality. This is something i am completely opposed to. I am all about freedom of choice. I wanna live and create in a world where we can have the right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint by others. I love celebrating sex through my work and creating a safe space for people to share ideas and commentary around sex. Image via Yeha Leung. Photographed by Vivian Loh

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