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Rosebud of the Month September 2018 | La Goony Chonga

Rosebud of the Month September 2018 | La Goony Chonga

by: SlutBox

I am La Goony Chonga aka “La Chongitona Que Tu Conoces.” I’m a songwriter/performer that is well known for rapping in English and Spanish. I am also a mother and an ex-stripper.

My goal is to make feel good music that gives girls confidence and empowerment. Some of my best songs includes “La Puteria” which represents all the putas out there capitalizing off their sexiness and “Claro Que Si” which is filled with positive affirmations on getting what you want and deserve! Back in 2013 I was in a group called SnobMobb (now known as Gwalah Gang International) with rapper Bootychaaain. We used to rep “slutmobb” and made an album called “Slutz Have Feelings 2”. We acknowledged the amount of people slut-shaming women so we turned it into a positive and had fans saying SLUTMOBB! Being in the adult entertainment industry as a stripper, I know what it feels like to be called a slut, hoe, etc so it was very cool to see someone like Amber Rose create this movement and have a SlutWalk event where women can embrace themselves and stand up for who they are and chose to be. The word slut no longer has to be a word we are offended by. I am very excited to attend my first SlutWalk and see all the beautiful people out there speaking out and representing powerful women who are confident with themselves and will not tolerate any negativity.

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