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Sex Ed With Lotus Flower Femme | #DickRiding101

Sex Ed With Lotus Flower Femme | #DickRiding101

by: Sub Cat

This article was written by Lotus Flower Femme and originally appeared on the Lotus Flower Femme blog.

Brought to you by popular demand, here is #RidingDick101:

1. Get Your Mind Right!

When it comes to riding dick, if you don’t have the right attitude about it, it’ll show. A lot of us have insecurities but I suggest you make sure you feel comfortable with your partner before being intimate. They should also make you feel bomb af too!

2. Use Him

The key to riding is using him for your own pleasure. It’s the perfect time to be confident (and a bit selfish). I’m sure all men will agree that it’s best when you look like you’re actually enjoying it.

3. Find A Rhythm

Finding the right rhythm is important but remember, being on top means is YOUR turn to be in control! Use verbal and nonverbal feedback from your partner to see what feels best!

4. Work Together

Work with your partner! Both of you should prioritize your pleasure and finding the best angle to keep him inside of you.

5. Giddyup!

When it’s time to ride, climb on top and use your hand to guide his dick inside of you. You can use this opportunity to tease him by stroking the head of his dick around the entrance of your pussy.

6. Take Your Time

Don’t rush anything! He should be hard and you should be wet. Awkward friction is no fun. Don’t be afraid to be lube if you need to!

7. Get Creative

The best thing about being on top is creative freedom! Try grinding (or rotating your hips in a circular motion), bouncing up and down, allowing him to enter with his head only, alternating between long, deep, and slow thrusts, and my personal favorite: using your pelvic muscles to grip his dick while he’s inside you! (Drives em wild)

8. Look 'Em In The Eye

Don’t be afraid to look him directly in the eye! Eye-content establishes a connection and allows you both to communicate through facial expressions.

9. Make Some Noise

Pro tip: Men love to hear women moan, but I encourage you not to fake it! Talk dirty, lick/bite your lip, caress yourself, play with his balls, put on a damn show!

10. All Hands On Deck

Get him involved! Allow him to guide your movements by placing his hands on your hips! If you enjoy being choked a little, take his hand and put them around your neck (you can even grab his neck too 👀)

11. Take A Break

If you’re out of breath and need to rest you can distract him by slowing down, lying flat on top of him, kissing him, whispering in his ear, or slipping off for a taste 👅 (You’ll build your stamina up eventually!)

12. Back It Up

You can turn around and try reverse cowgirl! Show him that ass from the back! If you need to, you can even pretend like he’s #MichaelBJordan & really cut up, sis! #ICanTurnAround & #KeepTheDickStillInside But don’t get too wild, you don’t want to fracture anything 💀

Is #ridingdick your Achilles heel? Or are you a pro? Am I missing anything from this list? Do you have some tips of your own? Feel free to share in the comments!

This article was written by Lotus Flower Femme and originally appeared on the Lotus Flower Femme blog.

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