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Pink & Black...

$12.00 $20.00

Mel Stringer Rosy...

$15.00 $24.99

Good Clean Love...

$12.00 $18.00

O.M.G. Sample (10...

$10.00 $20.00

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Sheorgasms: Sample Pack

$17.00 $6.00

Helps promote overall vaginal wellness. Increased vaginal wetness. Enhances your everyday mood. Increase your desire, libido and energy. Regulates blood flow to clitoris to heighten climax. Total body arousal. 10 natural herbs are blended together inside each capsule. You can...

Pink & Black Silk Blindfold

$20.00 $12.00

If you’re looking for some kink and fun in the bedroom, this multi-functional satin blindfold also works as a light movement restriction. It’s great for tying the ankles or the wrists.

Bombay & Cedar Comfort Oil


A proprietary blend of essential oils created to relax and ease tension in the head and body. Great for sore muscles, relaxation, tension, stress, migraines and overall wellness.

Mel Stringer Rosy Massage Candle

$24.99 $15.00

This luxe candle offers the perfect balance of sexy and sweet with notes of rose, soft vanilla, and red currant. Because this candle is made from 100% natural vegetable wax, you can use the warmed wax in a soothing (and...

Good Clean Love - Bionude Personal Lubricant

$18.00 $12.00

Some bodies are naturally more sensitive than others, which is why we offer BioNude™ Ultra Sensitive Personal Lubricant. This water-based personal lubricant is made with hydroxyethylcellulose, a plant-based material shown to be hypoallergenic. BioNude also features our patented Bio-Match® technology...

O.M.G. Sample (10 in a box)

$20.00 $10.00

Pain isn't always beauty especially when it comes to the bedroom. Never endure another dryless sexual encounter. Use the O.M.G serum to always have an enjoyable moment of passion.

Rouse Lion Condoms


The Lion condom lets you enjoy more of what you want to do with no barriers to slow either of you down. DETAILS: Latex, Lubricated, Plain Type, Reservoir Tip, Width: 53mm ,Thickness: 0.070mm

Lifestyles: Zero Condoms


ZERO Original – 52% thinner than our LifeStyles Extra Strength Condom. Zero, our thinnest condom ever, is scientifically engineered to get you both closer. Reliable and thin so you get closer, feel the heat. Premium ULTRAGLIDE™ Lubricant. Smooth texture and...

One Condoms: One Ultrafeel


2-in-1 pack: Each exclusive pack contains an ultra-thin condom combined with an extra 3ml lube pouch for your pleasure and comfort. SheerSkin™ ultra-soft latex: Hyper thin condom that's less than the thickness of a human hair. MicroRoll™ comfort base: Super...

Kush Queens: Ignite Lube


The Science: So why would you use a CBD lubricant? Cannabis is a vasodilator and can increase blood flow when applied directly to an area, increasing sensation. Our CBD lubricant was created for both men and women. Read our verified...

Summer's Eve: FreshCycle - Flushable Cleansing Cloths (4 pack)


Made with a patented odor reducing ingredient to; Free from dyes, alcohol, and parabens. Flush Friendly* cleansing cloths in a convenient softpack, 24 flushable* cloths included. * Please refer to product label for flushing instructions. Dermatologist and Gynecologist tested formula...

Goddess Collection Goddess Collection

Goddess Collection


Use Code- Sexy Time To receive this for $30. Never conform to the rules and unleash your inner RBL. Be comfortable in your skin and love yourself like only you can. This is the ideal kit to show yourself some...

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Unbox Sex And Love.

We’re committed to pleasure, feeling amazing, looking fly, and giving our babes the best experience, every time. We understand that self-love and confidence are ever changing (just like you), so every item will appeal to the wide range of what makes you feel good. Whether it’s makeup, toys, skincare, affirmation, or some bling - every box is built to empower womxn everywhere.